Dude. I’m just remembering now that I had a good AIM conversation sometime
this week. A very quotable one. But I forgot with who and about what and
when… *sigh* I just remember thinking, “oooh… I need to put this on
my webpage.” Of course I don’t remember now what it is. It must have been
that time when I was high on Robitussin. Freakin’ Robitussin.

My mind ain’t working right now. Robitussin has jacked me up. I can’t
think straight.

I can’t believe I fell asleep during 24. I don’t know why, but I’m so
tired today.

Jess dropped by our office during lunch today. She hung around for a few
hours afterwards too. It was fun. She brought life back into the office.
Yeah. I would probably say I guess less work done while she was around,
but whatever. We’ll have this release ready.

So yesterday Annette was talking about pregnancy and stuff to me and Jeff.
She’s telling us about how during labor before the baby comes out, they
clean out your system (poop). Cause when that baby comes out, everything
comes out. And the doctors don’t want to deal with the mess and the poop
while delivering the baby. Understandable. And you know what. The girls
had this same conversation the day before at Disneyland. Never had this
conversation before, and bam. Two days in a row.

Now I’m not bothered by this type of conversation. Far from it. I’m
interested in these crazy chick conversations. Like at Disneyland, all
the guys, but me, were trying to ignore the pregnancy conversation. And
when Annette was telling about the poop before pregnancy stuff, Jeff’s
says something like, “I don’t want to hear this.” Why not? This is
interesting stuff. And I think it has to do with any girl stuff. I
remember that night after talking to Yvonne about periods, I had to go
tell someone, and Phil was there online. So I told him. And he asked
me why I was telling him. It’s interesting stuff. And now you all
know. And knowing is half the battle. That’s what G.I. Joe taught

So are you telling me, I’m the only guy who doesn’t mind listening to
this stuff? I must be weird. I wonder where along my life this started
happening. Well, it doesn’t matter. Still interesting stuff.

I went to Disneyland yesterday. It was fun. Rode some rides. Ate some
food. Made some more deals. Talked about the old days up in Foothill.
Good times. It looks like the Alias dress is going to happen after all. =)

Apparently, so Jeff tells me, that I forgot mention something in my post from
March 13 that Cory also said something like: If I had to do it again (date Julie),
I’d do it in a heartbeat. Something like that. So if you ever come across
this page, although I don’t see how, remember, Cory said he’d do it again,
in a heartbeat.

I’m not a very good people person. I can’t handle drama. I’m frustrated
at one of my friends. Another friend got upset with me. I wish there
wasn’t any drama. I’ve been thinking the past days that God has really
blessed me with being single. What a great gift. I think this past week
that God has shown that I have no business being in a relationship, so I
shouldn’t even be thinking about it. God will reveal to me when the time
is right. But for now, I’m going to enjoy my life as a single man.

I’m like that little girl from Signs. I have all these half full cups of
water all around.