I have a new buddy to talk to on AIM at work now. I have a worthy foe
to speak to now. Jessica Ding. She speaks like a junior higher, but
has the wit of an adult. She can actually make fun of me well. But I’ll
get her.

So we rearranged our room at work. Got ourselves a futon now. Our setup
is pretty nice now except for the fact that I have to share a desk with Jeff
now. But I guess if I have to sacrifice my desk for the futon, I’ll do it.

I got back from Mammoth today. It was a really good weekend except for the
part where I was getting my butt kicked in Cave Trolls or whatever game
that is called.

So yesterday, eight of us went snowmobiling. Most fun I’ve ever had
on snow. Yeah. I think these new snowmobiles got a little more power than
the ones I used last year. All I know is that I almost ate it a few times.
And then there was the moment I almost died. I was trying to keep up with
Jimmy and I saw go over this little hill. Looked like he was accelerating
through it, so I accelerate too. Now as I was about to hit the peak of
the hill, I started thinking, “hmm… maybe I should slow down.” But it
was too late at that point. The snowmobile made a little jump and my body
made a huge one. My feet came of the snowmobile and I was holding onto
dear life. But I came back down into my seat and all was good. I pushed

Afterwards, some of us went back to the condos to relax and play games;
play Cave Trolls. First time playing for all of us. It was me, Eric, Roz
and Yvonne. Yvonne lacks that killer instinct. She could have won the game
but nope! She chose to let the game go on. Foolish girl! Eric wound up
winning. He dominated those last rounds. Foolish Yvonne! I gave up pretty
early, but already had Yvonne tagged as the winner.

After dinner and watching Scooby Doo, some of us learned how to play Napoleon,
the card game for those of you don’t know. I didn’t know how to play before
the day. At 3:00 in the morning when we finally stopped, I knew how to play
but I was still going out there with no strategy. I had Yvonne helping me
in the beginning. Of course, I don’t know how much help she was since I was
losing all the time. At the end of the night I was the big loser. I lost
20 bucks (fake money). Of course I had lost 16 of those while twice being
Napoleon. Five times I was Napoleon and twice I got it with no general.
How can that happen? There’s only 1 in 26 chance of that A of spades being
in those extra cards. And I get it twice? That sucks. That’s a fun game
though. It’s a good feeling getting good cards. And it feels good to
scheme against other people. Next time though, I’ll play better. I’ll
get you all!

Yeah. I think one of the most fun moments of the weekend was when I was
driving back home. It snowed last night while we were there. So we leave
the condos and get back onto the main road. I bust a right and after doing
so I proceed to change over to the left lane. As I try to straighten out
my car after changing lanes, I feel my car fishtailing a bit. Of course my
natural instincts tell me to try counter it, so I turn it a bit. Too much.
So I go back the other way. Nope… I hear Jenn, “just go with it.”
Alright then. I sit there holding my steering wheel doing nothing, looking
out the front window watching my car slowly spin around. I see the cars
that were once behind me now in front of me. I continue to spin and my car
finally stops on the side of the road next to the bank of snow. A full 360.
And perfect parallel parking job, if parking was allowed there. Okay…
Time to turn on the 4 wheel drive.

Alright. I’m tired. Time to sleep. This cough is pissing me off.