Stupid Bucks.

We had pretty good seats at the game. Premier section. Of course that’s
only one level up from the nose bleed section. I don’t like the latyout
of the Staples Center. Like there’s the upper level up top, and then
on the bottom is the premier and courtside seats. There is no second
level. There’s just 3 levels of luxury boxes. So I either paid
32 bucks for the upper level, or 90 bucks for the premier seats. Wow.
What a choice.

The Clipper’s Spirt Dance team is pretty cute. All I know is that I’d
hate to be a boyfriend of Spirit dancer or any team dancer for that
matter. All these drunk dudes oogling and whistling at you. And I know
99 percent of the guys don’t appreciate them for their dancing. I
remember way back when the Clippers were still in the Sports Arena and
their dance team was called the Bum Shakalakas or something like that.
What a dumb name.

I check my weblogs every so often now. And man… I’m getting a lot
of hits for big_boobs1.jpg. All these hits are being
referred by, and I have no idea what people are
searching for to get this image. Where’s the love for big_boobs2.jpg?
I was about to take down the image, but I figure my Google page rank
probably has been going down lately. I used to be second, but now
I’m dropping. Sucks. Now I’m going to have to count on some perverts
to get me back up.

I’m going to the Bucks game tonight.

I got a headache. I think it’s from this stupid Gimp programming. I hate

I found a huge bug in my search engine.

I don’t know why, but the past week I’ve been getting upset easily. I
remember last week Jeff pissed me off for some reason I shouldn’t have
been mad about. All I know is if he would have said another thing at
that moment, I would have cussed him out. But he didn’t say anything
and I kept myself in check. And then last Thursday I got upset at Jess
for not telling what she was doing the next day. How stupid is that?
And then on Friday at the buffet, I was ready to kick the crap out of
this dude cause he took the last five clean plates while I was ready to
grab one. Well I guess I had reason to be upset there. And then there
was Sunday school yesterday. Now that was awful. I’m never teaching
7th and 8th again. And then tonight I got mad Sharon cause she accused
me of making fun of her. I guess I have been, but I haven’t been trying
to. But I guess it’s not my intent that matters, but how she feels.
And if she says I was, then I guess I was. Sorry Sharon.

Man. I’m picking up bugs left and right from Yvonne. I got the sleeping
bug from her and now I got the upset easily bug from her. I did the
wrong lesson in Sunday school yesterday. They’re going over the fruits
of the Spirit. I did gentleness when I was suppose to do faithfulness.
Oh well. I guess in this book, going out of order doesn’t matter that
much. I guess if I did the wrong lesson, I should have done patience,
cause I certainly haven’t practiced much of that lately.

Actually I would teach 7th and 8th again. I just need a thug to patrol
the classroom and keep the kids in check.

I got a lot of sleep today. I’m not even close to being tired right now.
I don’t know, but I think Yvonne gave me the sleepy bug. She’s been
telling me how she’s been so tired. She’s going to sleep at 4 in the and
waking up at 5 in the morning. 13 hours of sleep here, 3 hour nap there.
Thing is I’ve been tired all week long. I think I fell asleep at work
a few times last week, even when I’m trying not too. Last night I went to
sleep at 11 and wake up at 7:30. And I was dead tired when I woke up this
morning. Shoot! I never get more than 7 hours of sleep and this night
I get 8 and a half and I’m tired. What’s wrong with me? And of course
I get home this afternoon and head straight for my bed. I got a 3 hour
nap today. It was nice. Woke up tired. I probably would have slept more
if I didn’t go eat. Hmmmm…. I think that sleepy bug is coming back.

So the youth had their fundraiser today after church. A spaghetti luncheon.
It seemed to go pretty well. I think that’s the most expensive plate of
spaghetti I’ve ever had. But anyways. Afterwards when we were cleaning up,
they were going to take the punch away. But there still was 2/3 still left
in each of those 5 gallon gatorade jug thingies. So Jeff goes on to say
something like “I’ll match whatever Jess drinks.” And of course I get the
idea for a game. We get in a circle. Each person puts down five bucks.
We match each other cup for cup. You stop drinking, you out. Last person
standing takes the money.

Well, we played it without the money. So there’s like 10 of us huddled
around the punch. A few dropped out early after like 2 or 3 cups.
After that sixth cup, all but three of us dropped out. I had to tap out
after the seventh cup. I just could not take it anymore. All I know is
that I wasn’t losing to Sharon. Phil and Henry went on to battle each
other for a few more cups. Phil couldn’t finish the eleventh one. Henry
got messed up. He looked like he was drunk. After finishing his eleventh
cup, he gets Phil’s unfinished cup. He says, “I’m going to finish this
for you phil,” looking at Jeff and saluting him. Phil on the other hand
is behind him. Uh… Henry. That ain’t Phil.

Yeah. So Henry is getting his name in the bulletin next week. Yvonne’s
presiding for the first time next week. And of course she’ll be making
the announcement about the winner of the punch drinking contest. =)
What a great announcement for her first time presiding. So yeah guys.
Go easy on her next week. =)

Jenn and I took the kids out laser tagging this afternoon. Jenn and I tore
it up the first game. Jenn finished first. I was second. We owned the
little girls and boys! The second game on the other hand was a little
different. Our team got tore up. Those teenagers on the red team were owning
me. I couldn’t do anything. Yeah. I finished last on our team that game.
How embarassing. I lost all the junior highers on my team that game.

I’m suppose to teach Sunday school tomorrow for 7th and 8th grade. Useless
kids. Eric tells me which lesson in the book we’re suppose to go over. Of
course I forget, thinking at that time I’d recognize the lesson name and
know which one to do. Nope… The lesson plans names are after the fruits
of the Spirit. Now they all sound familiar to me. Sheesh. Of course I go
ask the junior high kids who were in the class, and well what do you know…
they don’t know what they went over last week. Where’s Rebecca when you
need her? I know she’d know what lesson was taught last week.

Men are freakin’ idiots. I’m embarassed to be a man. So freakin’ cocky
and can’t even walk across a stupid balance beam. Stupid idiots. They
all seem to be likeable idiots, but idiots nonetheless.

Of course I don’t really like any of the girls either, besides the deaf
chick, Christy. And I think I just feel sorry for her seeing how it’s
so hard to socialize with the other girls. I just feel so bad for her.
I have a feeling she ain’t going to last long, but I could be wrong.

Freakin’ idiots. Man. There ain’t no need to talk about how hot the
girls are. Dummies. But the are freakin’ hilarious. Talking about
the girls at tribal council. Come on guys. No wonder you lost.

Dude. 10 minutes in and I already don’t like Jenna. I don’t know
how she is a swimsuit model. She don’t look very good.