I went to watch Daredevil today with Yvonne, Gail, Eric, and Jeremy.
The movie was alright. I mean it was entertaining and all, but I didn’t
think there was anything that stood out. Like I didn’t know the storyline,
but I knew the storyline. A pretty formuliac movie I must say. I think
Bullseye was the best character in the movie, even though he had like 4 lines
in the entire movie. It was fun watching Yvonne. The best part of the movie
was when Bullseye was throwing all that glass at Daredevil and she was
squirming in her seat. Now that was funny. I wonder if I laughed out loud.
I poked her cause she was covering her eyes. Come on, Yvonne. He ain’t
going to get hit. Yeah. I need some super senses.

Yvonne enjoyed the movie. She was trying to convince me about how faith
played a big part in the movie. Eh… As I said, tried. I didn’t buy