You know, Sharon. You maybe serious when you say you’ll stop warning me,
but I simply can’t trust you.

Work stress sucks. I think it might start getting back to normal.
Gimp server is finally up and running. I *think* everything is working
as planned. Not quite sure though, but it seems pretty good. For some
reason I just don’t trust that gimp stuff. It seems flaky to me, and
this stuff is suppose to go live next week? I guess the next few days
will be making sure everything works.

I don’t know, but I think script_fu_add_bevel in perl is jacked. Either
that or I don’t know how to use it. I think it’s broken. I had to
rewrite that stuff from the original Scheme. Scheme is awesome. It’s
so easy to convert that stuff to perl. After a minute re-familiarizing
myself with Scheme, it was easy to convert it to perl. Syntax is just
so nice in scheme. I guess some people might get confused with the
car and caddr. But whatever. Scheme is cool.

Oh man. I hate her. I hate her so much. I hate her with a passion. I
just want to sock her in the throat. I hate that stupid girl. And I
after I sock her, I’ll kick her. You liar! I hate you! That’s right.
You can’t fool Jack. I hope you like that gunshot in your arm, Marie.