Stupid Bucks.

We had pretty good seats at the game. Premier section. Of course that’s
only one level up from the nose bleed section. I don’t like the latyout
of the Staples Center. Like there’s the upper level up top, and then
on the bottom is the premier and courtside seats. There is no second
level. There’s just 3 levels of luxury boxes. So I either paid
32 bucks for the upper level, or 90 bucks for the premier seats. Wow.
What a choice.

The Clipper’s Spirt Dance team is pretty cute. All I know is that I’d
hate to be a boyfriend of Spirit dancer or any team dancer for that
matter. All these drunk dudes oogling and whistling at you. And I know
99 percent of the guys don’t appreciate them for their dancing. I
remember way back when the Clippers were still in the Sports Arena and
their dance team was called the Bum Shakalakas or something like that.
What a dumb name.

I check my weblogs every so often now. And man… I’m getting a lot
of hits for big_boobs1.jpg. All these hits are being
referred by, and I have no idea what people are
searching for to get this image. Where’s the love for big_boobs2.jpg?
I was about to take down the image, but I figure my Google page rank
probably has been going down lately. I used to be second, but now
I’m dropping. Sucks. Now I’m going to have to count on some perverts
to get me back up.