I went to watch Daredevil today with Yvonne, Gail, Eric, and Jeremy.
The movie was alright. I mean it was entertaining and all, but I didn’t
think there was anything that stood out. Like I didn’t know the storyline,
but I knew the storyline. A pretty formuliac movie I must say. I think
Bullseye was the best character in the movie, even though he had like 4 lines
in the entire movie. It was fun watching Yvonne. The best part of the movie
was when Bullseye was throwing all that glass at Daredevil and she was
squirming in her seat. Now that was funny. I wonder if I laughed out loud.
I poked her cause she was covering her eyes. Come on, Yvonne. He ain’t
going to get hit. Yeah. I need some super senses.

Yvonne enjoyed the movie. She was trying to convince me about how faith
played a big part in the movie. Eh… As I said, tried. I didn’t buy

You know, Sharon. You maybe serious when you say you’ll stop warning me,
but I simply can’t trust you.

Work stress sucks. I think it might start getting back to normal.
Gimp server is finally up and running. I *think* everything is working
as planned. Not quite sure though, but it seems pretty good. For some
reason I just don’t trust that gimp stuff. It seems flaky to me, and
this stuff is suppose to go live next week? I guess the next few days
will be making sure everything works.

I don’t know, but I think script_fu_add_bevel in perl is jacked. Either
that or I don’t know how to use it. I think it’s broken. I had to
rewrite that stuff from the original Scheme. Scheme is awesome. It’s
so easy to convert that stuff to perl. After a minute re-familiarizing
myself with Scheme, it was easy to convert it to perl. Syntax is just
so nice in scheme. I guess some people might get confused with the
car and caddr. But whatever. Scheme is cool.

Oh man. I hate her. I hate her so much. I hate her with a passion. I
just want to sock her in the throat. I hate that stupid girl. And I
after I sock her, I’ll kick her. You liar! I hate you! That’s right.
You can’t fool Jack. I hope you like that gunshot in your arm, Marie.

Stupid Sharon has pissed me off. But I’m not going to let my anger make
me do anything stupid that I’ll regret. But it is only AIM. All I know
is that I better be able to log in tomorrow morning, cause I’m going to
need it for work.

I hate being mad.

I was just thinking about the Payton/Allen trade. I was mad at the Bucks
for trading away my favorite player, but you know what. Forget Allen. I’m
a Bucks fan first. Next time we play him, I’ll be cheering against him. I
still like Ray Ray, but now I’ve got to find a new favorite player. I don’t
think I can choose until after the season. Or after we win the finals.
Maybe I’ll pick the finals MVP. I guess it also depends if we resign Payton
after the season. Man. I’ll be really pissed if we don’t resign him. Well
I guess I shouldn’t be that pissed, since we are going to win the championship.
Never did I think they would trade Allen. I always thought it would be
Cassell to be the one to go. But oh well. Time to look for a new favorite

I was just thinking back to my previous favorite players. I didn’t really
start following basketball until ’92, the first of seven straight seasons
out of the playoffs for the Bucks. They get Todd Day out of the draft.
Alright! I found my favorite player! I think he averaged around 13 points
his rookie season. And then he dropped down to like 11 or 12 points a
game his second season. And then bam! His third season he averages over
16 a game. Yeah! That’s my boy! And then of course he gets traded to
boston the next year for I think Sherman Douglas. Sherman Douglas??? How
you going to trade my favorite player for Sherman Douglas. Stupid Bucks.

Alright Todd Day is gone. Time to be a Vin Baker fan! Yeah. Go Baker!
Dropping 20 and 10 on people. The future of the Milwaukee Bucks! Vin
Ba… Oh… You traded him? We got Terrell Brandon now? Oh dang. You mean
Sherman Douglas ain’t our starting point guard anymore? Alright. Okay.
Who’s next.

Ooohh… That Ray Ray got some pretty game. I remember the day he was
given the title of favorite player. I went to watch the Warriors/Bucks
game out in Oakland. The game went into OT. I remember the clinching
shot. Bucks up by 2, with the ball with maybe 30 seconds left. They throw
it into Allen in the post. With the shot clock running down, Allen
takes a tough 15 foot fadeaway jumper along the left baseline. *swish*
Alright. I got to be a fan now. That was Allen’s second season, so it
would have been ’98. And Big Dog and Brandon were out with injurires, so
it was probably March. I’ve been cheering for him for five years now.
And now it’s time to move on.

I got my song baby!!!

I can’t believe I’m browsing midi sites. Ha! I even found a worship
midi site. My phone might be playing worship songs!

Sweet. I got an image onto my phone. Now it’s time to get a new song!