(14:51:34) sharon: who’z goin in ur car
(14:51:45) l1nu5: me, jeff, jenn and abe
(14:51:49) sharon: o
(14:53:04) sharon: so if u ppl die then who’z gonna be my consalor besidez yvonne
(14:53:23) sharon: besidez yvonne da book worm

Last night we stayed late at work to play some Halo. Man, that game is
so fun. I had to go to dinner before the games, so I only got a few
hours of gaming when I got back to work. We need to start doing this
more often.

I’ll be heading out to Mammoth after work today. I hate my car.
Tuesday night, the overdrive light off starts blinking. I took it
to the mechanic. Didn’t find a problem with it. Talked to the Ford
mechanic. Okay… Not that bad. Whatever. Yeah. And yesterday
I tried to get my mp3 player installed. Dang man. Six hours and
you can’t finish installing it? I’m going to have to take it back
later today so they can finished.

Eh… I don’t feel like typing.

Jars of Clay’s new song maybe their best song ever. It’s a good thing
Jeff subscribed to the Contemporary Christian Promo-Only. I haven’t
been able to find this song anywhere else.

The Valley Song (Sing Of Your Mercy)

My car is in the shop now. I think there might be a transmission problem.
Stupid cars. Why don’t you just work?

I bought my mp3 player yesterday and I was suppose get it installed today,
but that’s not going to happen with my car having problems…. *sigh*

Yvonne just told she read my site today. Man. Don’t tell me I have to start
being careful about what I post on here. I used to write thinking that Yvonne
ain’t never going to read this. Well, it’s okay. This is probably the last
time for like another 6 months or so. Or ever. Oh well.


You can slap me now. I captured (purposely) Gilmore Girls.

What kind of world do we live in where Brad Miller is an all-star and Ray
Allen isn’t. This is why the NBA is going downhill. Who outside Indiana
wants to watch Brad Miller play in the all-star game? Shoot! People in
Indiana don’t even want to watch him play. Brad Miller. An average
player is playing in the all-star game. Just cause he’s the second best
center in the east, doesn’t mean he’s an all-star. A man that averages
less than 14 points a game and just over 8 rebounds is an all-star????
Puh-lease. That has to be one of the worst picks ever.

Great Superbowl. I still can’t stop thinking about that Terry Tate. That
fool is so funny.

I went to Yvonne’s house after the game to watch Alias. Oh man. I think
that has been the best episode of Alias I have ever seen. Just when I
think I know what’s going to happen, they pull something like this. Oh

After Alias, we watched Signs. I loved that movie. It seems like Yvonne
liked the movie too. Someone who understands the real meaning movie. That’s
what I’m talking about, Yvonne. It ain’t an alien movie. It’s a movie
about Mel Gibson’s character.

The thing is that I stayed pretty late over there. I feel guilty being
there late, keeping her up, preventing her from doing some work. It’s
like I should leave now, cause you need to do some work. Well I guess
if the work or sleep was that important she would tell me she needed to
get some work done or something. Yeah I guess Yvonne does make time to
hang out with her friends even when she does have work.

I don’t know what I’m talking about anymore. That allergy medicine Yvonne
gave me must be working now. Cause I ain’t that itchy anymore and I’m
very drowsy. I think I’ll go read and go to sleep. Mmmm.. Sleep.