The Sopranos is finally picking up. Yesterday’s was probably the best
episode of the season. And now next week is going to be the season
finale. Oh man. It’s going to be good.

I can’t believe Paulie whacked that old lady. Crazy. Hilarious.

The middle episodes were pretty slow this season, but the last few it’s
been picking up steam. Everything has been building. And now it looks
like it’s going to come to a Godfather type of ending. And I have no
clue what’s going to happen. This is the one show I can never predict
what’s going to happen the next week.

I guess this is still the best show on TV. Better than Law & Order.
Better than 24. Better than CSI. Better than Alias. Season finale
next week. Man. I don’t know if I can wait that long for the new
season to start. That’s the only problem with the Sopranos. Season
is too short.

I ate lunch with Jenn today. I just realized it’s so easy to talk with
her. Like she has this skill. A gift that just makes people want to
talk more. Like she listens and she knows how to say the right things or
ask the right questions to keep the conversation flowing. It’s quite
amazing. I guess that’s how she gets some of those jr high kids how to

And now that brings us to Yvonne. Jenn and I had a little conversation
about her. Nothing bad! Jeff a while back mentioned how our co-worker,
Kristi, was the second most talkative person he knew. Yvonne was first.
Like I know she talks a lot, but I’ve never thought her to be the MOST
talkative person. I wasn’t convinced. That is until yesterday. I’ve
never seen someone talk so much before. Yvonne was going like nonstop
and Jenn was just getting her rolling. It was quite amazing. Like
when we were driving back from Ontario Mills,

And there’s nothing wrong with Yvonne being talkative. In fact I love
it. I love talkative people. Like I guess I like to talk, but I’ll
only talk when I’m comfortable. And talkative people make me more
comfortable which make me want to talk more. Just another thing that
makes Yvonne more appealing.

Alright. I can’t think anymore. This is taking too long. Must sleep.

Well I guess it’s no longer my birthday today. But anyways. It was a
pretty good day. One of the best birthdays I can remember. I think what
was cool was that I was expecting everybody to forget and then no one
did. Except my parents. But that’s okay. They’ve been busy. And
plus they forgot a few years ago, so it’s not surprising anymore. My
mom did feel bad about it though. Funny.

I don’t know why I was expecting everybody to forget. I’m usually a
very optimistic person, but I was so pessimistic about this. Weird.
But today was a really good day. Yvonne, Eric, Jeff and Jenn came over
to watch a movie in the afternoon. Talked a lot. Played some video
games with the boys. And then Yvonne, Jeff, Jenn and I went to Ontario
Mills (Eric went to college fellowship. Faithfully serving. Good man).
We took the finished 210 freeway. I didn’t even know it was finished.
But that finished freeway is so nice. Anyways, we walked around the
mall for a bit since Yvonne and I weren’t hungry. It’s funny that
the four of us were walking around the mall and none of us like to
shop. So then we went to eat and talked and eat and talked. It was
a pretty chilly night. Jenn and Yvonne are hilarious.

It was just a really good day for me. I don’t get to spend many days
with all of them just chilling, now that Yvonne is so busy and Jeff
and Jenn are always busy doing stuff. Eric… he’s usually got free
time if I want to do something, but I don’t know how long that’s going
to last now that Gail’s around. Good day though.

I love watching movies with Yvonne. I love how she has lots to say
during the movie. I like talking during movies too. I got used to
that with my mom always asking questions. And I love how she hides
her eyes during scary parts. Jenn is pretty good too. Now that’s
a girl who gets involved in a movie.

I was thinking before like I don’t want any gifts for my birthday. I
just want acknowledgement. And I got that today. Plenty of people too.
I figure there is nothing people could buy that I want. I got all my
toys already. The stuff I want is the stuff you can’t buy.
And I got some of that today.