I went to watch Lord of the Rings today. Good movie. If I was Aragorn, I’d
say forget the elf chick. You got Eowyn right there.

Yvonne and Eric came over after the movie. Gail joined us a little later.
But yup, we started catching up on some Alias. We hadn’t watched the last
two weeks. And of course after we finished the last we run downstairs to
try to catch this week’s episode, but nope. It’s a rerun. We decided to
watch some Chicken Run. Still one of my favorite movies ever. Of course
Yvonne had to fall asleep. No matter. I got some good pictures of her
sleeping. With Eric at control of the SGVAC slideshow, I have a good
feeling about the coming slideshow. “Haha! Look at Yvonne!”

We ate some mashed potatoes tonight. I miscalculated the amount I needed
last night. Boston Market tells me every 5 pounds feeds 10 people. So I
figure we got 20 people athe party, so of course I get 10 pounds. Well.
I got a whole five pounds to bring home. I brought some ribs and chicken
and hot dogs home. Good food. Yvonne and I put a nice dent into the
mashed potatoes. Of course there was still a good half left after we
finished eating. And then Yvonne took a big ol’ tupperware of mashed
potatoes home. And I’m still left with like a third. Just too much
mashed potatoes. Good though.

I love junior high ministry. The kids are so funny. I can’t believe
Sharon tried to drink that 2 litre Pepsi Blue. No way. I thought
she might have had a chance early. But I knew it was over by the
third minute. No way she can finish that in 10 minutes. Gave her
another five minutes and nope. I don’t think she could do it in
30 minutes. But it was quite entertaining. Her teeth were all
blue and she had that look. That look that said, “Man. If I
drink any more of this crap, I’m going to die.” That’s a classic

I got my search working, I think. Haven’t thoroughly tested it out yet, but
I’m assuming most of it works. It might break if you put in complicated
searches. Maybe. I don’t know. Oh. I messed up. Only works for single
words or phrases. Going to have to fix that.

Sharon is all too funny. I like teasing her. Makes the day so much easier.

I got my Eagles Greatest Hits CD a few days ago. It’s the third time that
I’ve bought it. The first CD got too scratched up to play. The second
I lost. And now this one. I’ve bought this CD more than K-Ci & JoJo’s
CD. Crazy. I guess I know why this the best selling CD of all time.
Cause of idiots like me who keep losing it and have to go buy it again.
Oh well. I guess I’ll keep padding the sales.

Yvonne worries me. I don’t like it when she’s all stressed out like she
is now. But I guess there isn’t much I can do except pray for her.
Hopefully she’ll finally be done by tomorrow morning.

I got the Sims Online today. I still haven’t played it. I’ve had the
beta for over a month and I never played it. Man. I don’t want another
game to go to waste. It seems like so much fun. Too many games. Not
enough time.

There are some bitter people on the jury. I don’t like Helen. I’m glad
she didn’t win. Bitter bitter bitter.