One of my goals next year is to finish reading the Bible. I will do it
this time. I convinced Sharon to join me on this venture. We’re trying
to read it in chronological order. Hopefully it’ll be cool this way. I
don’t know. But we’ll see. We just can’t fall behind. So everyone that
reads this page, I hold you all responsible for keeping me and Sharon
accountable. So if we fail in the first week, I blame all of you!

I went bowling tonight. My arm/hand is tired. It’s hard to type.
And I ate it bad on the first throw of the night. Hurt my knee.
I still kept my streak intact. No games under 100 in a long time. I
sucked it up today. I only bowled a 125 and a 116. I almost lost
to my cousin. That would have been embarassing. I’ve lost my touch
on the bowling lanes. *sigh*