Dude! Everyone is stealing my verse from Isaiah 9:6. I was going to
use it, but oh well. Besides it’s one of my verses on the bottom. I
think I put that one in last Christmas. Keep reloading if you don’t
see it.

Today has been a great day. My relatives came over to our house for
our annual Christmas party. I played with the babies. I played with
my cousins, somewhat. Yvonne came over for the second straight year.
It was a great day. And yes, I will not forget her name. Alexis.
Alexis. Alexis. I keep forgetting that baby’s name. She’s so
adorable. Too bad she was sick today and not in a good mood. I got
to hold her for a little while though before she got all grumpy.

Afterwards, Yvonne and I watched Harry Potter. Apparently she finished
the whole book last night. She’s telling me all the details the left
out. I love watching movies with her.

I got problems. Eh… I shouldn’t say, so I won’t.

Sharon is too cool.