Dude. I think I won the championship game in my fantasy football league.
I mean it’s not official yet, but by my calculations, I should have won
71-66 after today. Oh yeah! I have no idea how I won the championship.
I had Marshall Faulk injured for half the season. I finished 7-7, but
still good enough for third place. But of course I was second to last in
points, so I just got lucky. Well actually, after Faulk went down, so
did my games. Lost three in a row at the end of the season. And then I
pulled off two straight upsets. Wow. I should have gotten killed this
week. I thought Andrew had it locked up after I checked my guys after
yesterday. Of course I didn’t realize what a bad week he had.

I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping. I have avoided the malls
so far. I might have to go tomorrow, but I don’t know. I’ll have to
see what my mom wants. I hate the mall. I don’t want to go. Hopefully
my mom bought something for herself already, and all I have to do is pay
for it. That would be best. No malls no malls no malls no malls!

I went to watch Lord of the Rings today. Good movie. If I was Aragorn, I’d
say forget the elf chick. You got Eowyn right there.

Yvonne and Eric came over after the movie. Gail joined us a little later.
But yup, we started catching up on some Alias. We hadn’t watched the last
two weeks. And of course after we finished the last we run downstairs to
try to catch this week’s episode, but nope. It’s a rerun. We decided to
watch some Chicken Run. Still one of my favorite movies ever. Of course
Yvonne had to fall asleep. No matter. I got some good pictures of her
sleeping. With Eric at control of the SGVAC slideshow, I have a good
feeling about the coming slideshow. “Haha! Look at Yvonne!”

We ate some mashed potatoes tonight. I miscalculated the amount I needed
last night. Boston Market tells me every 5 pounds feeds 10 people. So I
figure we got 20 people athe party, so of course I get 10 pounds. Well.
I got a whole five pounds to bring home. I brought some ribs and chicken
and hot dogs home. Good food. Yvonne and I put a nice dent into the
mashed potatoes. Of course there was still a good half left after we
finished eating. And then Yvonne took a big ol’ tupperware of mashed
potatoes home. And I’m still left with like a third. Just too much
mashed potatoes. Good though.