One of my goals next year is to finish reading the Bible. I will do it
this time. I convinced Sharon to join me on this venture. We’re trying
to read it in chronological order. Hopefully it’ll be cool this way. I
don’t know. But we’ll see. We just can’t fall behind. So everyone that
reads this page, I hold you all responsible for keeping me and Sharon
accountable. So if we fail in the first week, I blame all of you!

I went bowling tonight. My arm/hand is tired. It’s hard to type.
And I ate it bad on the first throw of the night. Hurt my knee.
I still kept my streak intact. No games under 100 in a long time. I
sucked it up today. I only bowled a 125 and a 116. I almost lost
to my cousin. That would have been embarassing. I’ve lost my touch
on the bowling lanes. *sigh*

I don’t like Christmas season anymore. Now I’m making money, I also spend
a lot more money too. Too much money. Oh well.

I went to see Catch Me If You Can today. Great movie. It was a junior
high kid day today. I had my 3 cousins with me. And then there was
Sharon, Charles and Chris. Dude, I can’t believe all those fools went
to watch Lord of the Rings again. Tiffany went for the fourth time.
Crazy girl. All the kids went to watch Lord of the Rings, not for the
first time, but all of them at least for a second time. I like the
movie and all, but I can’t waste another 3 hours watching that movie.
At least give me something new. So Yvonne, John, one of my cousins, and
I went to watch a new movie like normal people. Wow. I’m actually
calling Yvonne normal for once. That’s not right.

I went with my cousins and uncles to Universal Studios yesterday. It’s
been like 5 and a half years since I last went there. I didn’t even
know what was new. Well I guess I’ll just go through my day there.

Got into the park at around 11:30. Watched Waterworld. That was
actually quite enjoyable. The movie sucked, but that live action show
was pretty good. Entertaining.

12:00, Spiderman Rocks. Uh…. no… More like Spiderman Sucks. Dude.
Stop singing guys. I just want to see…. Actually I don’t want to see
any of it. Just a bad show. A few observations though. Spiderman is
short! And flexible. And well, Mary Jane had big boobs.

12:20 Eat

1:15 Tram ride! There were quite of few things that I had never seen
before. I thought it was cool that they had the monitors inside the tram
where you could see the dude talking now. And then they could show you
video clips too. That was a nice touch. King Kong was wearing a Santa’s
hat. And he was saying “ho ho ho.” And then they had the set from
the Grinch. That was cool. Yeah. I actually saw a kid get scared from
Jaws on that ride. That little boy was bawling. I ain’t never seen
a kid cry so bad. It was funny. Even the parents were laughing a bit.

??? Back to the Future. I’ve actually been on this before. I’m getting
old. I got motion sickness.

??? T2 3D. Enjoyable. I loved the Cyberdyne chick in the beginning.
She was funny.

??? Mummy walk-through. Man. Human elements. Plays mind games with
you. That’s all I have to say.

7:00 Went home.

Ehh… I got tired of writing. Oh well.

I just watched Lord of the Rings again. Man Aragorn. I’ll say it again.
Forget the elvish chick. You got Eowyn right there!

I liked it more the second time around. I actually caught some of their
names this time around. Noticed the scenery more this time around, even
without Yvonne pointing it out to me. Yeah. The scenery is beautiful.
But anyways. I got a better look at Eowyn and now I’m more convinced
she’s better than Arwen. Yeah. The girls got Legolas. I got Eowyn.
I win!

Dude! Everyone is stealing my verse from Isaiah 9:6. I was going to
use it, but oh well. Besides it’s one of my verses on the bottom. I
think I put that one in last Christmas. Keep reloading if you don’t
see it.

Today has been a great day. My relatives came over to our house for
our annual Christmas party. I played with the babies. I played with
my cousins, somewhat. Yvonne came over for the second straight year.
It was a great day. And yes, I will not forget her name. Alexis.
Alexis. Alexis. I keep forgetting that baby’s name. She’s so
adorable. Too bad she was sick today and not in a good mood. I got
to hold her for a little while though before she got all grumpy.

Afterwards, Yvonne and I watched Harry Potter. Apparently she finished
the whole book last night. She’s telling me all the details the left
out. I love watching movies with her.

I got problems. Eh… I shouldn’t say, so I won’t.

Sharon is too cool.

Man. I don’t what to say to my junior highers. I’m trying to prevent
a war here, and I don’t know what to say. I feel so inadequate. I think
it’ll work out. I just prayed. God will work it out.

Dude. I think I won the championship game in my fantasy football league.
I mean it’s not official yet, but by my calculations, I should have won
71-66 after today. Oh yeah! I have no idea how I won the championship.
I had Marshall Faulk injured for half the season. I finished 7-7, but
still good enough for third place. But of course I was second to last in
points, so I just got lucky. Well actually, after Faulk went down, so
did my games. Lost three in a row at the end of the season. And then I
pulled off two straight upsets. Wow. I should have gotten killed this
week. I thought Andrew had it locked up after I checked my guys after
yesterday. Of course I didn’t realize what a bad week he had.

I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping. I have avoided the malls
so far. I might have to go tomorrow, but I don’t know. I’ll have to
see what my mom wants. I hate the mall. I don’t want to go. Hopefully
my mom bought something for herself already, and all I have to do is pay
for it. That would be best. No malls no malls no malls no malls!