I’m watching Back to the Future now. I should be sleeping.

I would find it disturbing if I went back into time and my mom starting
hitting on me. *shiver*

Dude. Trent Dilfer just ruptured his Achilles today.

Poor Trent

I love watching these so-called Angels fan being interviewed on TV. And
then it says on the bottom “Angels fan.” Look. I know some of them
are really fans. People who have been rooting for them during all their
losing seasons. I wouldn’t call myself an Angels fan. They’re like the
Clippers to me. I like them. I’d go watch them. I’d cheer for them.
But I wouldn’t call myself a fan. I’m a Bucks fan. I’m a Dolphins fan.
I’m a Braves fan. And that’s it.

But what I really find funny are these people that get interviewed. I
can’t trust that they’re being sincere. Cause last Sunday my boss getting
interviewed on TV after the Angels won. And now being on TV he’s got that
title “Angels fan.” Come back to work the next day and Jeff just happens
to ask him, “don’t you not like baseball, Newsome?” “Yeah, but at that
point I was a fan.”


Everyone is a Dodgers fan in LA. Now I believe them. Dodger fans seem
sincere to me. All the fakers will come out if the Dodgers ever get into
the postseason. But that’s okay. I chose the Angels cause I didn’t like
the Dodgers, just like I chose the Clippers cause I didn’t like the Lakers.
Go Angels!

No…. Bud Selig did not just say, “Cali… Anaheim Angels.”

Punk Selig.

Sweet. I finally got Mason working on my home machine.

You stupid girls! You stupid girls!!! YOU STUPID STUPID GIRLS!!!!!


Stinkin’ Harvard grads don’t know how to read!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!


Aaron and Arianne were gone!!! And you two blew it! It was sooooooo
close. That would have made my day and now you two girls just ruined it.


DUDE! I can’t stand that alliance against the brothers. With the exception
of Heather, I don’t like anybody in that alliance. I can’t STAND Aaron
and Arianne. They are two of the most annoying people I have every seen.
I can’t stand. Maybe that’s why I can’t stand that alliance. Flo and
Zach ain’t a walk in the park either. And Eve is just plain whiny. Shoot
I’d be totally against Eve’s team if Heather wasn’t so cute.

I hope Aaron and Arianne lose. I HOPE they lose.