Dude. That was one of the best Survivors I have ever seen. Just when I
think I know them, they get me. And they haven’t gotten me in a long time.
Not since the third Survivor. They pulled a quick one on me.

I taught my first Sunday school class last Sunday. High school Sunday
school class. I hear some bad stuff about them. It’s good thing I had
Bel around. You can see the clear difference between the pros and the
amateurs. Bel was the pro. Shoot… I wouldn’t even consider myself
an amateur. I think it would have been disastrous if she wasn’t there.

So I did some quick calculations. Belinda was saying how it was all
about experience. Okay. So she teaches 5 days a week, 5 hours a day,
every year. So I figure if I teach Sunday school every week for the
next 25 years, I can hope to be as good as she is now.

It looks like I’m going to be teaching this Sunday too. Bel, you better
be there to save me again. Got 3 more weeks. It’s a good thing the
CE kids aren’t there yet. I think I’m only going to get them for the
last week I teach. Bel can teach. I’ll just discipline them.

Dude. I just finished watching Big, and that girl is pretty cute. Too bad
she’s over 40 now. Kind of sucks for the girl. Falls for a 13 year old kid.

The movie is kind of sketchy. I didn’t remember he slept her. That’s
so wrong. Yeah. He may look 30, but he’s still only 13. I don’t mind
them falling in love, but having them sleep together. We don’t need
that kind of stuff.

24 is sooooooo good. I can’t believe you fools who aren’t watching this

She has the same birthday as me.
This dude’s a creep.
This guy and these guys seem like bad guys.
This is the kind of stuff we’re up against.
And this is what they need to stop.

They just need to show all 24 episodes in a row. None of this every week
junk. I can’t wait that long.

Season premiere of 24 tonight. Watch it! That’s an order.

I always wanted to post on how that “i before e except after c” crap doesn’t
work, but I never remember. Jeff just asked me how to spell Anaheim and
well I might as say now, that crap don’t work.

I started searching and well, the rule is actually longer apparently.


Stupid English.

This season of the Sopranos hasn’t been very good. I think the last
episode was the worst episode so far in its four seasons. After two
good episodes to start the season, it’s been going downhill since. It
just hasn’t been as good as the last three seasons. They’ve only got
six episodes left. The rest better start getting better.

Tonight’s CSI Miami was probably the best episode so far. Those
episodes that get my emotions going are good. This one got my blood
riled up. I hate pedophiles. I learned from CSI that not murderers,
not rapists, but pedophiles are the first people inmates tend to kill.
Sweet prison justice.