Frickin’ Clark is an idiot. Can’t get it right with Chloe. Can’t get it
right with Lana. What can you do? Just lift up houses? Idiot.

So I caved into peer pressure and bought me an Eclipse light. It’s nice.

The United States Postal Service is totally ridiculous. I’ve been waiting
for my package from for the past 11 days. It gets shipped on
Friday the 13th from Tennessee. It arrives in Bell, CA on the 18th where
it has remained since then. Come on! That was 6 days ago!!! Ten miles
away. And you guys have yet to deliver it?!? Totally ridiculous. I was
expecting it to arrive sometime last week. It didn’t come. Expecting
it yesterday. Didn’t come. Expected it to come today. Didn’t come.

Stupid USPS.