The fires down here are going crazy! I can see the fires on the hills.
They’re lighting ths sky now. I ain’t never seen it this bad. It’s only
a few miles away. I can see the flames burning.

Oh man. I got to watch this movie. I think this got worse reviews that
Battlefield Earth.

I’m sick of the Emmys. I can’t even stand to listen to the winners anymore.

I saw the new Santana and Michelle Branch video today. Man. I couldn’t
live in that town. Weird, weird, weird video. At least Santana and
Michelle Branch didn’t start kissing at the end of the video… ew…
mmmm… Michelle Branch…

I might have gotten one of my kids busted yesterday. I don’t think so though.
Hey! She told me 5:30 to 6:00. So I naturally assume get her home by 6.
I figure leave at 5:30, get there by 5:45. Be there early. Well…

Pretty relaxing weekend. Lots chillin’. Watched some football. Dolphins
off to a 3-0 start. Things are looking good.