Yvonne, Eric and Gail came over to watch the season premiere of Alias tonight.
It’s been a long time since people have come over to my house. A long long
time. It was good having them over. Good trash-talking. Daring Yvonne to
do stupid things. Ya know. Those deep intellectual conversations in front
of football and Alias. Yeah right.

I found myself going west all the time now. It kind of sucks. Too much
driving. I remember I had to drive out east way back when. Driving over
to La Verne and San Dimas area. Nice easy trip. And then Jeff moved over
to Covina/Glendora area. Now that was great. Five minute drive. And
everybody was around. Jeff, Eric, Cory all five minutes away. Roll over
there at 10:00, get some gaming done, chill, go home. Strawberry Lane.
What a great place.

And now everybody is out west. Always driving west. Jeff, Eric and Cory
out Monrovia. Yvonne out in Duarte. Chruch and all them peeps in Arcadia
Temple City area. Just nobody around here anymore. Well at least Yvonne
is in Duarte now. Much better than Irvine.

I remember that summer of ’97. That was a great summer. Got wood, the
jigsaw, and the drill. Making stuff. Making subs. Making desks. Making
speaker stands. Man… What were we thinking?!? But that time was so
much fun. People working on stuff in my garage, hanging the speaker down
from upstairs, listening Puff Daddy (now known as P. Diddy). The good ‘ol

Well. I think I need to clean my house. It’s been getting messier and
messier ever since my mom moved down to San Diego. And it wasn’t all
that clean before. I need to clean up my room. It’s getting a little
too disorganized for me.

Sweet. I finally got my checks and check card from Washington Mutual.
Alright Sanwa Bank, United California Bank, Bank of the West, whatever
you want to be called… I want to close my account.

The Sopranos is getting good. Well I guess it was always good. But I think
that’s the show I look most forward to. More than Law and Order. More than
Alias. More than the Amazing Race. I’m glad I just started watching the
end of last year. I don’t think I could have made it through that year
and a half hiatus. Even Nick got hook on it. He’s almost done with
season 3. Finished it in like 2 weeks. Pretty amazing.

Frickin’ Clark is an idiot. Can’t get it right with Chloe. Can’t get it
right with Lana. What can you do? Just lift up houses? Idiot.

So I caved into peer pressure and bought me an Eclipse light. It’s nice.

The United States Postal Service is totally ridiculous. I’ve been waiting
for my package from buy.com for the past 11 days. It gets shipped on
Friday the 13th from Tennessee. It arrives in Bell, CA on the 18th where
it has remained since then. Come on! That was 6 days ago!!! Ten miles
away. And you guys have yet to deliver it?!? Totally ridiculous. I was
expecting it to arrive sometime last week. It didn’t come. Expecting
it yesterday. Didn’t come. Expected it to come today. Didn’t come.

Stupid USPS.