You watch the Mole??? If not, DON’T READ!!!!


Poor Heather.

Well I guess I was right. Bill was the mole. Poor Heather. She looked so
sad. I wanted her to win. =(

I must say though. Dorothy is pretty cute too. Not as cute as Heather, but
cute nonetheless. Dang. That girl is pretty smart.


Wow a lot of people are leaving these next few days. Yvonne and Clara
are leaving for China in just about 10 minutes. Takako is leaving for
New Jersey tomorrow. Vicky leaves for Ohio Tuesday. Just people

Takako is going to be gone for the next 9 months. I was cool until
Jenn starting crying. Not only was I feeling sad for Takako leaving,
but now I felt sad for Jenn too. I tell you something. I ain’t going
to cry if Jeff leaves for New Jersey. Or if Eric moves to Milwaukee.
I don’t want my emotions making people feel sorry for me. Well I ain’t
going to cry for no dude. If they died, it’d be a whole different
story. But I ain’t crying for a dude moving away. Maybe for a girl.
But not for a dude.

It’s hard being a man.

Well I don’t know when the next time I’ll see Vicky. I guess during
winter time. Certainly she’ll be back for Stan and Mrs. Lau’s wedding. =)
Well I guess I can start chatting up with her again online. And good
job Abe. Don’t let your emotions get out on me. Don’t let me feel sad
for you. Good job.

Now looking at Clara and Yvonne, they’re only going to be gone for 3
weeks which is nothing compared to Takako and Vicky. That’s a walk in
the park. Well I guess that doesn’t prevent me from missing them.
Especially Yvonne. I mean I guess I’ve gone 3 weeks without seeing them
before, but that’s different. There’s no possibility of seeing them for
next few weeks. Well I guess Yvonne did go to China that one summer. And
she did go to Australia. And then I was in prison in Berkeley for five
and a half years. Shoot if I can do that, this is nothing.

Well, I’ll still keep all y’all in my prayers, folks.


I can’t believe Alex and Jeff broke 3 of my strings in one day. How is that
possible? I’ve only broken one string in my life. How they going to go
through 3 in one day? Wasting my Elixirs.


I’ve kept on wanting to write about Signs. Well. Best movie I’ve seen all
year. The more I think about the movie, the more I love it. It’s just so
intelligently made. Now look I don’t expect everyone to like it. Jeff
didn’t like it. Jake didn’t like it. This movie ain’t for everyone. The
plot ain’t there to serve up the action or plot twists or stuff like that.
If you’re going in expected that stuff out of this movie, you’re going to be
disappointed. That’s not the kind of movie this is.


This whole movie is not about the plot. It’s not about the aliens. It’s
not about how we going to survive the aliens. This is simply about the
characters and their development. And that’s where it gets ya. From
the onset you’re thinking about the aliens. You’re thinking about how they
going to survive, what’s going to happen. But M. Night Shyamalan points us
in the right the direction at the end, and bam. There we go.


I don’t think I worded all this correctly. I don’t know how to explain.
I loved this movie.

AND EV!!!! The movie ain’t scary at all. You should go watch it

Well the Big Dog is off the Bucks now. Big Dog for Toni Kukoc. Wow!
Well, we got a deep team. We’re pretty deep at forward. Got Tim Thomas,
Anthony Mason, Kukoc and we just drafted Marcus Haislip. From what I’ve
read Haislip is turning out to be pretty good. Let’s up he’s productive
this season.

We did get a first round pick next year for Big Dog. Hopefully Big Dog
goes to jail and the Hawks only win like 15 games next year. Sorry
Big Dog. No hard feelings.

But we also get Kukoc. He’s got 3 rings. He’s a winner!

We going all the way this year! NBA Championship!!!