“Now. If you two don’t mind, I’m going to bed before either of you
come up with another clever idea to get us killed. Or worse… expelled.”

Survivor Thailand starts September 19.

It’s about time they got some Asian representation on the show. It only
took five shows to do. And she went to Cal.

I was about to say “oh yeah” but I don’t really like Berkeley. Oh wells.
She better not be annoying.

Homer: Now. Come on. Give your putter a name.
Bart: What?
Homer: Come on. Give it a name.
Bart: Mr. Putter
Homer: Doh! You want to try a little harder, son? Come on. Give it a girl’s name.
Bart: Mom.
Homer: Your putter’s name is Charlene!
Bart: Why?
Homer: It just is.


Stuff like this upsets me.

GUILLEN: Why not just adopt?

KATHY: Well, we have thought about that. You can adopt a baby overseas, and then
in a lot of countries, what happens is by the time you get the baby, they’ve been
so messed up in the orphanage where they are that you are taking on a health

Oh… So making a jacked up, advanced aging cloned baby isn’t a health hazard?
And odds are it ain’t going to come out right in the first place, so you’re
going to have to abort it? And that ain’t a health hazard. Puh-lease. What
kind of crap is that.

Stupid Jeff’s DSL. Always going down.

So it looks like Jenn wants to play some D&D. I have NEVER see any girl
so excited about D&D. I’ve never seen a girl who wants to be a nerd. Well
I guess Jenn is CRAZY. So that explains a lot. But this is the kind of
stuff that makes her so cool. I expect her to have this typical girl
reaction to this type of game, “Oh… No. That’s okay.” But nope. She
is looking forward to it. Reading up on the D&D handbook. Reading up
on the different races and the different classes. Dang! She probably
knows more than I do. I only know about D&D through Baldur’s Gate, Icewind
Dale and Neverwinter Nights. And I don’t remember any of those details. I
just know my monk can whoop on people.

It looks like Jenn’s going to be a girl ranger. Human or half-elf?

Jenn continues to amaze me. I never expected her to get into D&D. I just
love watching her get so excited, hugging the D&D handbook at McDonalds. It
makes me laugh; makes me smile; makes me happy. Her excitement and happiness
certainly rubs onto me.

And it’s not like I’m into this stuff. I ain’t no nerd. I’ve just loved
the way she’s reacted to all of it. I’m down with you Jenn. They just
need to tell us a date and I’m there. =D

Man. I really want to get this rewrite at work done. It’s taken too long
already. After that I can finally start redoing my site and rockswontcry.

It’s actually probably better that we put off redoing rockswontcry. Jeff
and I know so much more now. It’s going to put the old rockswontcry to
shame! I guess for my site, anything else will simply do in putting that
to shame.

So I’m suppose to check Yvonne’s email while she’s gone in China for the next
few weeks. Make sure her mailbox isn’t full. Forward her any important emails
that she needs, replacing any words having to do with God, Jesus, etc… A
human filter basically.

So I just checked her mail just a few moments ago. She gets this reply to an
apparent message she sent. Not sure. But it goes like this.

Subject: Re: A very excite game
Message: I don’t know you, do not send me anything.

Geez Yvonne! Who are you emailing?!? =)

So I’m thinking either Yvonne has a virus on her computer and doesn’t know it.
Or person A has Yvonne on his/her address book and he/she got the virus which
then sent out emails to people in his/her address book putting the From address
from someone in the address book. You get that? Tricky tricky. I think it’s
the latter. Yvonne would know better. I hope. =)