So I played D&D for the first time today. Not Icewind Dale. Not Baldur’s
Gate. Not Neverwinter Nights. The real paper D&D. It was so much fun.
My monk sucks. He sucked so bad it was hilarious. Just the sequence of
moves I was pulling off. I was useless. But I socked a fool. I yelled
out “Surrender!” a lot. And that’s pretty much it. Yeah Jenn. Yeah
Jeff. Yeah Cory. Yeah Rob. You may all be laughing now at my monk, but
he will soon become the greatest fighter in all of the lands. The Master
Hu Li shall start building his legend right now. We all must start somewhere.

On another note, I finally saw Yvonne today. It’s almost been a whole month.
I didn’t get to talk to her much. I was busy getting whooped on FIFA by
those stinkin’ Koreans. I should say, *we* were busy getting whooped by those
stinkin’ Koreans. But it’s good to see Yvonne. Even if we didn’t talk much.
I’ve missed her.