So my toenail is just about ready to fall off. It’s only taken like
3 months for it to get to this point. But it’s still hanging on for
dear life on the left side. I want to pull it out, but I’m not ready
to do it. I don’t think my nail is ready to come out yet. This is
just like when I was a kid and my tooth was coming loose. It’s loose
and it’s just about ready to go, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.
I couldn’t pull it out. Of course pulling out my tooth didn’t much
at all. It just sort of fell out. I think right now it would hurt if
I tried to yank it. So I’m going to wait a few more days. Maybe
show it Jeff. Show it to Jenn. I’m sure they’ll appreciated this. =)

If I pulled it out now, I know it would hurt. I can feel it tugging.
This is the kind of pain I hate. The kind where you know it’s going to
hurt. The anticipation of the pain is just as bad. It’s like going to
the dentist. Like you know it’s going to hurt, no matter what the dentist
says. It will hurt. And you can only wait for it. I got to pull it out

I don’t know if I’d rather go to the dentist or get socked in the back of
the head. I mean at least when you get socked in the back of the head,
you don’t anticipate it, so you don’t drive yourself crazy waiting for it.
Yeah, the pain is probably greater, and you’ll get more mad from it, but
how bad can it really be? It don’t play mind games with you.

I think the ideal situation would be if someone socked in me in the back
of the head, knocked me out, and then yanked my toenail out. I might be
mad later on, but hey! My toenail would be gone and I wouldn’t have to
deal with it.

So any of you thinking about socking me in the back of the head, you better
knock me out and pull out my toenail. If not, you getting a fist straight
into your neck.