Got back from Harvest Crusade about 30 minutes ago. We arrived late to
Harvest. I had to wait to pick up Barbara and her two friends, both who
are non-believers. So we get there 20 minutes after it starts. It’s
still crowded and we have trouble finding the others. But we eventually
get to our seats.

So as the concert’s going on, I notice Barb’s friends weren’t really
into it. So then Greg Laurie comes and gives his message. I was trying
to observe them. One her friends seemed to be listening at some points,
but then the other friend would interupt and start talking to him,
playing with his cell phone and what not. They just seemed so unreceptive
to the message. It was saddening. It was disheartening.

I remember a while back when I was still in Berkeley. Pastor Jerry was
giving the message and I remember him telling this story. So he and
another girl were out doing this door to door evangelism (I’m sure there’s
a better word for this). They come to this one house, ring the door bell
and this man answers. To make long story short, the man was a homosexual
and he was totally unreceptive to the Gospel. So as they walk away, she
starts crying. And she’s crying cause the man’s heart was so hard and
so unreceptive. That’s kind of how I felt afterwards tonight.

But of course God is so good. So we walk on down and wait at the gate for
everyone. Then John, a new Christian, comes up to me with this big ol’
smile on his face. He was just a happy man. His joy was totally uplifting
for me. And then I started thinking about Christine and how happy she was
after accepting Christ. God knows exactly what I need when I’m feeling
down. I guess one guy is an atheist, and he willingly came to Harvest.
God is faithful. All I can do now is keep praying for them.

Third Day:
“Nothing compares to the greatness of knowing you Lord.”

America’s Sweethearts.

Man… What a stupid movie.

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life
Never make a pretty woman your wife
So from my personal point of view
Get an ugly girl to marry you

Words I probably won’t live on. After years and years of hearing this
song, I still can’t believe this is a song.


I got my jury summons today. Man. I don’t want to go to jury duty. For
the past 5 and a half years, I have successfully (and legally) avoided
jury duty. I first registered in Covina when I was 18. Bam! Got
jury duty, but oh no… I’m Berkeley. Sorry. Can’t serve.

Re-registered in Alameda county later during the ’98 election. Got a
jury duty notice during the summer… Uh oh… Sorry, going to be in
LA for the summer. Sorry… Can’t serve.

Get another jury duty notice during the summer of 2000 for Alameda county.
Uh oh… Sorry. Moving to Contra Costa county. Can’t serve.

Re-registered in Contra Costa county for the 2000 election. Got a jury
duty notice, again, in the summer of 2001… Sorry again. Can’t serve.
Moving back to Berkeley. Alameda county.

And now it seems like they got me. Avoided it four times. But I don’t
see any way out of this one. Hopefully they just don’t call me in. I
don’t want to serve on no stinkin’ jury. If I am, it better be a murder
case, but of course it won’t be. *sigh*


So Jenn and Yvonne didn’t die out there on the mountains this weekend.
Whew!!! No bears got to them. Jenn and Yvonne. Brave women. Out
hunting bears in the mountains.

So we were talking last night. And then I think Jenn mentioned these
bear-proof containers. Bear-proof? Man. That’s one word that should
never ever exist. There’s no reason why any human should have to use
the word bear-proof. Cause if you’re using it, you’re in the wrong

This weekend has been pretty chill. Fourth of July… Played games.
Ate steak in Irvine. Yesterday, played games, went to CareerInC. Today
worship practice, played games, chilled. Pretty chill weekend.

Jenn and Yvonne are out in the woods. Jeff can’t reach them. Probably
no reception out there. They could be dead for all we know. A bear
could have gotten to them. I guess we won’t be sure until tomorrow night.
Four days of hiking. Crazy girls.

Normal??? I don’t think so, Yvonne.


So Warcraft III comes out today. A couple of stores were opened at midnight
to sell the game. Fry’s and Interact CD are two I know. Can you believe
that? A bunch of people buying this game at midnight. What a bunch of

Well. Time to make my account.

Ev! Where are you?!? I got my new Everybuddy!

Spamassassin is awesome.

So Jeff, Yvonne and I have decided to stay at the Ice Hotel. Man.
It’s going to be cold.

So I have to pray for a goat for Yvonne. Apparently I’m the one to come
to when people need praying for goats. I need a goat. Everybody needs
a goat. Yvonne called it first, although I did say I needed a goat first.
Yvonne needs to get her first before I can start praying for mine. Better
pray hard.

Man… Don’t ask… Don’t ask…