Look, Yvonne… The more you cover up your face, the more pictures I’m
going to take of you.

So Yvonne and Clara are going to leave in a few days to China. And Takako
is leaving for New Jersey soon. It’s going to be weird without them. Well
I guess Yvonne and Clara are only going to be gone for 3 weeks. But
Tako is going to be gone for 9 months. I’m going to miss her. I’ll miss
Yvonne and Clara too, but they’ll be back before I even know it. Unless
they get stuck there. Or die. That would really suck. I guess I better
keep praying. =)

I’m such an idiot. Yeah man. When you put the wrong zip code on your
shipping address, it may take a while to get here. I’m such an idiot.

That Apples to Apples game is great. That’s such a fun game. I can’t
wait to use it in the ice-breaker for youth fellowship in two weeks.
I had a kick playing that game before Sunday school today. =)

Just let you know, if you play “Pirates” on me you’ll get the points
automatically no matter what the category. I’m still laughing over that.

USPS ground sucks! I ordered something that was shipped from San Francisco.
It was shipped Monday, and it still hasn’t arrive. How long can it take to
send something from San Francisco to LA? So I see this way. Monday they
sort it in SF. Tuesday travel day. Sort Wednesday. At latest delivered
Thursday. It’s Friday and now I’m starting to worry. I don’t want to have
to order it again Monday have it shipped overnight. That would suck. Come
on USPS!

Yeah. So Jeff was telling me about how he and Jenn went to a pet store and
saw this pet goat. Hey Yvonne! There’s your goat!

Yvonne is crazy crazy crazy!!! She got her hair cut today. I’ve never
seen her hair this short before. I really like it.

I want to go watch Austin Powers tomorrow. My brother’s already seen it.
He says it’s funnier than the first two. I’m excited. Hopefully Jeff
will go with me for lunch. =)

Shoot… I know there was a reason why I originally wanted to post
something. Stupid short term memory.

Time to update.

So I guess now I’m officially a junior high counselor. I’m excited. As
Jeff and Eric say, I’ve “sold my soul.” Hmm… Counselor… I can’t
teach, I’m not very talkative, I act like a kid, and these kids are going
to be looking up to me? I think them kids are going to have more problems
than me.

Well I guess I’ll keep praying for His guidance. I’m sure others are
praying for me. =)

“Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth
and teach me, for you are God my Savior and my hope is in you all day
long.” – Psalms 25:4,5


So the rewrite is just about wrapping up. Bug fixes here and there.
Beta testing. Prettifying the site. We almost there.


Acer CD-ROMs suck. It seems like my parent’s computer’s drive broke again.
Another Acer broken. This is the second broken CD-ROM in the 2 years that
we’ve had this computer. Shoot, my CD burner is four years old and still
going strong. How come these CD-ROMS can’t even last a year? Sigh…
Stupid Acer.

Tired…. Time to sleep