Dang. I broke my first string ever. These Elixirs are expensive. I don’t
think this one lasted more than a month. That kind of sucks. Dang. I only
got one set of strings left. I better buy some more.

So I watched Scooby Doo tonight. Man. That was kind of a dumb movie. Well
I guess it is a kid’s movie, but it’s a pretty dumb movie nonetheless. Not
as dumb as I expected though. It had it’s laughs.

They had a of cute girls in this movie. I’m not talking about the stars, but
about the extras. I read Ebert’s review on the movie and he mentioned the
scantily dressed girls in the movie. I probably wouldn’t have noticed, but
I just so happened to read the review so I looked for it. Yeah. Ebert was

I must say though, I’d have to choose Velma over Daphne. I had this picture
of a dorky, ugly Velma from the cartoon. But no. Not in this movie.
Velma’s cute. Sarah Michelle Gellar is kind of cute too, but for some reason
she doesn’t really appeal to me. I remember hearing Linda Cardellini’s name
before, but I couldn’t remember it. Good ol’ imdb. Ah… Freaks and Geeks.
I loved that show. Stupid NBC had to cancel it. Yeah. I thought she was
cute on that show too.


USA 2 Mexico 0

I like watching soccer. I’m so happy we won. We’re now in the round of 8.
Oh yeah. I can’t believe we won. It’s like Mexico had so many more chances
at scoring than we did. They just couldn’t pull through. I never thought
I could get so excited about soccer. But man, I’m loving it. I guess that’s
my American pride kicking in.

I feel bad for Mexico and their fans. Laker fans aren’t fans. They don’t
care about their team. Mexican fans are true fans. When the cheer for
every victory, the mean it. When they cry after this kind of loss, that’s
true heartbreak. Now they are real fans. I feel bad for them.

So I finally got my pickup installed in my guitar. It sounds pretty darn
good. I can’t wait to play it at church.

So this afternoon Yvonne and I went to Northridge to see Abby and Avery. It’s
been a long while since I’ve last seen them. I’ve almost forgotten about
them. Remnants of Berkeley. It was good seeing them. Nice to chit chat
while watching TV. Good watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and telling them
how I’d be running when they open that ark. Not so good watching Love and Sex
in the Hebrew Bible. More like watching Love and Sex in Hebrew Mythology.
Who the heck is Lilith?

Oh yeah! The US just scored!

But anyways. I’m glad Yvonne asked me to come. For me it was a spur of the
moment thing. It’s been a good day today.

I went out to eat with my parents today. Went to watch Bourne Identity
afterwards. Pretty good flick.

Dang. I don’t know how Mexico hasn’t scored yet. It looks like we’re getting
worked. We’ve had one shot at goal and we scored. They’ve had many and have
come out empty. Oh well. I hope the score stays the same.

Man. This update is taking forever. Thanks Yvonne. Thanks Sam. Thanks

Now I’ve forgotten what I was going to type. Oh Bourne Identity. Pretty
good flick… Uh… Yeah…

Yvonne “Pure Evil” Wang. Yvonne “Trouble Maker” Wang. I like “Pure Evil”
more. Normal… right… Okay. Maybe she ain’t pure evil.

Am I really that tired? I’m going crazy here.

Well, watertower is finally back up and running. Don’t know what other
problems that still be lingering, but oh well. Not my job.

I’ve been wanting to update since Saturday, but I didn’t have time that
night and now it’s been down for a while. Hopefully all that youth camp
stuff got fixed. Bad time for hardware failure.

Well, I guess I can talk about Saturday, dem kid’s graduation banquet.
I don’t know. I don’t know some of dem kids all that well, and it was
good hearing them friends sharing about them. It was good night. Of
course I was in a much better mood that night. Riding off the high of
dinner and some heroclix afterwords. But I felt it was worth mentioning.
It feels like such a long time ago.

So our case of heroclix finally came in yesterday. Got my Thanos. He
is one mean fool. I played him once and dominated that game. I don’t
know if I can use him though. Once he shows up on the board, there’s
one guy everyone is looking to kill. I don’t like being the center of

So I didn’t win any games today. Cory hasn’t won in five games. I think
I’ve changed my styles since before. I know I tended to hold back my guys,
get in good position, or “turtle” as Jeremy likes to refer to my strategy.
But I just realized in my last few games, I’m the fool that’s running out
there dying. I should just kick back in my room, and let those fools come
to me. The Lui’s seem much better at offense that I am. I don’t have a
strategy. I used to look for not dying. But I turned away from my game
plan. Next game, back to my turtling ways. I will win again.

I spent some time at Guitar Center today after work. I had a chance to
play some of the guitars. Play some Larrivees. Play some 3000+ dollar
guitars. They sound nice.

I was thinking after I bought my guitar that I might go Larrivee next time
or maybe something else. But man. After playing the Taylors today and
playing those other guitars, I ain’t never going to buy a non-Taylor
guitar. Never. The Taylors just sound so much better (except for that
baby Taylor). 750 bucks for my guitar. Worth every penny. It sounds
better than some of those 1500 guitars there. Better than that 2500 Eric
Clapton Martin. In a few years, I can find myself buying another guitar.
I’m already eyeing the 710CE. I LIKE that guitar. 4 more years.

Is today a holiday or something?

Of course the day I carpool, there is no traffic.

Man. Watertower’s time got way off. My last post wasn’t at 12:03am, it was
at 1:30am.

Shane Barnard’s CD came out this week. I finally got it in the mail today.
It’s about time.

So I’m making mp3’s now. Man. I love my computer. I’m ripping these
tracks at 24X. I can rip and encode at 13X. I think my old Dell ripped
at 2X. Quite a bit of difference.

So I got my 21″ Trinitron monitor sitting on the floor here. I need to go
get it fixed. It’s taking too much room. I hope it doesn’t cost too much
to fix. That would suck. I could just buy a new one for like 550 or so.
But I should really try to fix this one first. Can’t let a free monitor go
to waste. If I fix I can dual monitor. A 21″ and 19″ monitor side by side.
I’d have more desktop space than I do at work. That would be sweet.

I hope Heather is the mole. I HOPE she is. Or at least stick around til
the end. =)

That’s cool Al picked Katie to have the exemption. He actually thought it
through. I hope he wins and I hope Heather’s the mole. Of course if I had
the exemption to give, I’d give it to Heather just because she’s cute. Only
reason. No strategy involved. None of this who deserves it the most. I’ll
just go by looks. You ugly, you don’t get it. You ugly, you don’t get it.
You ugly, you don’t get it. Ooooh… You’re cute, you get it. Easy.

I’m glad Patrick is gone. He was getting on my nerves. And pissing off
the rest of the group. That ain’t smart. I’m pretty sure Katie ain’t the
mole. I don’t think Dorothy is the mole. I don’t think Al is either.
Darwin could be. Bill could be. I’m not sure though. If Katie is the mole
though, she has done a great job so far. She’s the one I think is least
likely to be the mole.