Frickin’ Minmei. I don’t know what Rick sees in her. She might be hot
and all, but puh-lease. I can’t stand her. Rick out to fight a war,
saving everybody. And what’s Minmei thinking about? “Oh it’s okay about
the present. Did you bring it now?” Shut up girl. Man was out risking
his life in a war and you’re not going to ask him about it? Get all mad
when he leaves cause the enemy is attacking. Shut up Minmei. Rick
should just hook up with Lisa. Frickin’ Minmei. She annoys me.

So I got to watch the Lion King musical today. It was really good. It
was good that I hadn’t seen the movie a long time, cause I forgot a lot
of the jokes and they were funny in the musical. I thoroughly enjoyed

It was kind of weird seeing these humans play these animals, but I think
I liked it more that way. I never really liked the movie. I thought
it was okay, but I just didn’t really care for it. I never liked
Simba. He was tolerable in the musical.

They added some new songs too. Most of them weren’t very good. They
also changed “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” a little bit. I liked it.
A lot more harmonic. It was cool. And then of course the dancer came
out during the song. Yeah… He was showing a lot of butt cheek.
Couldn’t they find him an outfit that covered *both* butt cheeks. Come
on! I really didn’t need to see that. He was buff though. His butt
looked in shape. Not that I cared or anything.