Yay! I’m back in the “somewhat frequently” section.


So I got my ceiling fan installed. Whew!!! 2 hours of hard labor. Sweating
like a mug in my room. Well not anymore. I’m going to be sleeping
comfortable tonight. I hope this thing doesn’t fall on me. That would suck.
I need this fan. Our air conditioning upstairs don’t want to work. It just
don’t blow out cold air. Well I guess it won’t matter much. I’m not home
much anyways. I think the air conditioning downstairs still works, so not
all that bad. And I still have my fan.

Coolest thing about my fan is my remote control. I can control the lights,
the fan speed, direction of fan, etc. But the best thing about my fan is
the auto mode. Set the temperature and let it go. It’ll adjust the fan
speed as it gets cooler. Now that’s cool.

Well, looks like I’m watching Star Wars Thursday night, 8pm. This movie is
going to be sweet. I already know the plot is going to be lacking, the
dialogue is going to be mediocre, but who cares? This is Star Wars, not
Howard’s End. It’s not like any of the previous Star Wars had a plot or
good acting. It’s all about the Force, the strange aliens, Natalie Portman
and light sabers. It’s about AT-ATs. It’s about Mark Hamill whining
his “NOOOOOO!!!” out when he finds out his Vader is father. It’s about Luke
getting his hand chopped off. It’s about Vader getting his hand chopped off.
It’s about Anakin in this next Star Wars getting his hand chopped off, but
succumb to the Dark Side unlike Luke. That’s what it’s all about. Forget
the horrible acting. Forget Lucas’ mistakes on directing, producing, writing,
decision making.

I’m so pumped.

I want to watch the midnight show, but I ain’t got anyone to go with. I guess
8:00 will have to do.

Liars! You stinkin’ liars. We’re always here.

Well I guess my dealings with Office Innovations is finally coming to a
conclusion. Finally got a response from customer service.

Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 15:52:35 -0400
From: Customer-Service
To: Christopher Wong
Subject: RE: order oiffice-39700: take my money, don’t give me product,
servicehelp, etc…
1 OK ~47 lines Text
2 Shown ~122 lines Text

[ Part 1, Text/PLAIN 47 lines. ]
[ Not Shown. Use the “V” command to view or save this part. ]

We apologize for not getting to you sooner. UPS claims they tried on 2
different occasions to deliver and got no response. They have returned
the order to the shipping facility.

We will cancel the order and credit your card.

Customer Service
Office Innovations Inc.
3870 U.S. Highway 29, Suite C-101
Lawrenceville, Ga. 30044
678.924.2302 Fax

Oh. I forgot to mention this last week. But I’m calling it.

Spider-Man will be the number 1 movie this year (box office wise).

The quality of images from my camera are pretty good. But I can totally
tell the difference between mine and Jeff’s. It just ain’t nearly as good.

The one thing that’s been bothering me is the weird spots that show up in
some of my pictures. Most of them are okay, but every once in a while
they’ll show up.


This pictures is really bad. Lots of spots. Of the pictures with spots,
this is the only one with multiple ones.

Anybody have any ideas why this happens?

I love the Amazing Race. Way better than Survivor.

It’s really too bad Danny and Oswald lost today. But it’s okay. Next week
is the finale, so there’s not much need for them to entertain me now.

Those producers at CBS. Last time they find a gay team that everybody hates.
And this time they find a gay team that everyone loves. I don’t know how
entertaining the show would have been if Danny and Oswald went out early.
That would have sucked. I’m actually surprised they lasted this long. They’re
so laid back. They never really had a chance to win.

Amazing Race Poll (256k)

Danny and Oswald on top. Not as popular as Nancy and Emily from the first
Amazing Race. Mmmm… Emily…

I want Blake and Paige to win. They’re the nicest. And Paige is kinda cute.
But that’s beside to point. Actually I’m totally rooting for them cause I
don’t want the other teams to win. I can’t stand that Wil. Punk ass. I
hope you lose.

Next week! Wednesday 9:00. 2 hour finale.

Ha! I have 3 mice connected to my computer.

Office Innovations sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My lastest email to them:

To : [email protected]
Cc :
Bcc :
Subject : order oiffice-39700: take my money, don’t give me product, service
help, etc…
—– Message Text —–
Hi. I’m inquiring about my order I placed almost a month ago. Order
ID oioffice-39700. I placed the order on April and I still have no idea
on that status of my order. Well… I do know that you have taken my
money. But you guys have failed miserably on your part of the deal:
Delievering the goods I ordered. Answering emails I send to customer
support. Stuff like that. Things that most competent businesses can do.

Unless it IS your business strategy to take people’s money, not deliver
orders, and don’t answer emails. If so, then you guys are doing a
fantastic job.

I’m sorry for my rudeness, but I’m growing impatient with the lack of
support that I’ve received, which is none. I’m assuming the product I
ordered is backorderd, so could you please cancel it. ANY help would be
appreciated. Thanks.

Chris Wong

Matrix Poll (580 k)

Who are the people voting for this poll??? 91% of the people don’t think it’ll
break the first Matrix’s box office. What are these people smoking? The
next Matrix is a guarantee 200 million dollar box office. Easy. 250 million?
Probably. 300 million? Maybe. Do these people not know that the first
Matrix only made 170 million. That’s chump change in this day of age.
Shoot. Spider-Man made 114 million 3 days, and people don’t expect the 2nd
Matrix to make more than 170 million? Crazy people. Smoking something.

I’m going to try to update more often now.

I’m really glad I’m not doing this entry from work. =)

So I just got back from watching Spider-Man. Good movie. Probably the
best comic book movie that I can remember. Better than Batman. Better
than that crappy X-Men. Better than Superman. With the exception of the
forced sappy scenes* ( I love how Yvonne doens’t like them either =) )
there was nothing I can think of that I didn’t like about the movie.

What I really liked about the movie is how it spent time on the character
development. They did a good job on going through what Peter Parker was
thinking, feeling, etc. They just don’t explain how he gets his super
powers, but also shows how he gets to the point of being superhero. And
it just wasn’t Spider-Man. They did a great job with the Green Goblin.
And the relationship with Harry. It was great. Perfect setup for the next
movie. It was just a very good film.

And what this movie had is what the first two Batman’s severely lacked and
what X-Men totally lacked. The character development. I’ll go into Batman

I get a lot of heat for this, but I’ll say it again. I like Batman Forever
the most. Why? Cause they actually talk about Batman. What do we know
about Batman from the first movie? His parents were killed. He’s out for
revenge. Okay… Second movie? Don’t know. He’s still the same Batman as
the first one.

The only reason why I thought the first Batman was good was because the
Joker. If they didn’t have Jack Nicholson as the Joker, I don’t know if
they could salvaged the movie, for me at least. The Jack Nicholson had
so much more presence on screen than Michael Keaton. Maybe that’s why
they billed Jack first on the actor’s list. It was his movie. They
should have called it the Joker rather than the Batman.

What I really don’t understand is how people say Michael Keaton was a
better Batman than Val Kilmer. Michael Keaton never had the presence on
screen to be Batman. I just never believed him. He just never developed
into Batman. NEVER. And then people cast Val Kilmer aside as being an
inferior Batman for the reason I’ll assume, cause he’s not the original
Batman. It’s not that I thought Val Kilmer was a great Batman, but more
that Michael Keaton wasn’t a good Batman. I’ll go so far as saying this:
Michael Keaton sucked as Batman. Maybe it’s not his fault. Maybe it’s more
Tim Burton’s fault. I don’t know.

Now at least I liked Batman. And I thought Batman Returns was okay. But
the X-Men? That movie sucked. An hour and 30 minutes? An hour and 30
minutes??? Come on man! Here’s what the movie consisted of. An hour to
introduce all the characters. No character development at all involved.
And then the last 30 minutes for the final fight scene. Uhh… Where’s
the rest of the movie??? Like plot, characters that spend more than 10
minutes on the screen. I mean I realize there are a LOT of characters
that are involved in the movie, but don’t give me an hour and 30 minutes
of this. It doesn’t even try. It’s horrible. Shoot. Hour and 30 minute
movies are reserved for cartoons. Give me something to watch. What makes
it even worse is that I know that they cut 40 minutes out of the original
edit of this movie? 40 minutes?!? They claim they made the cuts to make
the movie go faster. Right. You guys also cut out plot, character
development, just the whole film. Nice job guys. Hope you do better on
the next one.

* note
It’s not that I don’t like sappiness in movies. I do like it. I like it
when it’s done well. I hate this forced sappiness (I can’t think of any
other words for this. thanks yvonne) into movies. “Oh Pete. When I was
up there, I was thinking about what I thought I would be thinking about. I
was thinking about” Shut up! I can’t stand this. Trying to explain how
you feel in this 30 second monologue. If you’re going to make sappy scenes,
set it up correctly. Just don’t bust it out. Even some movies that spend
the whole movie trying to set it up can make the sappiness work correctly.
It’s hard to do. Don’t bust that crap out in the middle of an action flick.
Just give me, “Girl I’ve loved you for a long time.” BAM! Kiss her. Scene
done. Now get on to more important things.