Great game tonight. I love watching the Lakers lose. Jeff’s finally building
up the faith that I have. The Lakers can be beat.

This is why I said the Kings had a better chance than the Mavs to beat the
Lakers. Their performance speaks for itself.

Looks like the Kings have a chance to beat the Lakers. They just need to
close it out now. Sunday baby. Sunday. Go Kings!!!

Work Work Work.

So I got to see Episode II last night at Mann’s Chinese. I really like that
theater. I want to go watch Episode III opening night there. I don’t think
Jeff and Eric will be up to it though. It’s alright. Still another 3 years
to go.

Yvonne and Jenn talked on opening night about how skimpy Natalie Portman was
dressed in that movie. I noticed it the first time a bit, but I didn’t really
think much of it. And after watching it again. There’s even less skin than
I had originally thought. That’s nothing. So they show her belly a bit.
Nothing! For the most part she was covered up. Oh well.