Sweet!!!! The Mole 2 is coming back on the air. Next Tuesday, 8pm. It’s
about time they started showing this again. I’ve been waiting long enough.
And now on Tuesday. ABC got smart and took it off of Fridays. Good. I’ll
have something to watch Tuesdays at 8.

A buck to whoever can tell me what it means to say “I’ll house you.”

Forgot to talk about season finales today.

24. Great show. I knew she was dead. I knew it. I was thinking that before
the show. Thing is, I thought this show would come to a conclusion. Fooled
me. I guess Kiefer Sutherland is coming back next season. I thought for
sure that fool would be going to jail after the day he’s had. Especially
after he killed those dudes in cold blood. There ain’t no place for revenge
man. There has to be consequences for his actions. He’s got to be in jail.
How can he not be? Well I guess we’ll find out next season how he escapes
jail time and what trouble he could be in now.

Nothing really surprised me this week. Not like week’s “one of the greatest
twists of all-time” twist. This episode just raises more questions. Who’s
really behind it? What’s going to happen to Jack? What about Nina? I’m
looking forward to next season.

Smallville. Great show. I really like this show. I was cheering when Clark
kissed Chloe. =D Almost had a good one at the end, but no… Some woman
had to go get caught in a tornado. Man Clark. Why you got to be a hero for?
I just think it’s funny that Clark goes and checks on Lana first before
checking out his parents. You know Clark. If you don’t really want Chloe,
I’ll take her.

On next season’s premiere, Lana better not remember a thing when she recovers.
Now I know you saw Clark running out there. And then he’s probably going to
pull you out. But you better not remember a thing. I guess that might be
something they play out next season. Lana suspecting Clark has super powers.
She’s got to find out sometime. But you can’t touch her, Clark. She’s
untouchable. You might as well go with Chloe.

Whew! Good game of Battlegrounds tonight. I’ve never been really good at
those one on one games, but I was able to hold up for most of the game. At
one point I thought I was going to get Cory, but he held me back. He did
a good job. The game was over once he got the fourth holocron, 20 minutes
into the game. I just didn’t realize it until an hour and a half later. I
think if I had another holocron that would have pushed me over the top.
Oh well. That’s just the way it goes sometimes. Can’t win them all.

Star Wars – Thursday. Mann’s Chinese.