I really really like HeroClix. It’s a very fun game. I think a good
amount of the reason why I like the game is because of the figurines.
You can move them, turn them, play around with them. It’s just a lot
of fun. Now it’s time to buy a case.

Mole 2. I like this show. Better than those reruns showing.

I hope Heather is the mole. She’s kind of cute.

Great game tonight. The chumps pulled one out at Arco. Looks like they
can finally dethrone the champs. Oh yeah! I always thought the chumps
had the best chance of beating the Lakers, and now they’re only one game
away. I’m loving this. I’ve been waiting 3 years for this. Now the
chumps just need to close it out at Staples.

Best part of today was watching Jeff cheering and jumping and running
around the house after the game. I ain’t never seen that man so happy.

Friday night. Bye bye Lakers!

It has been a pretty good weekend. Spent all day Saturday with Jeff.
Watched the horrible game yesterday. A Monday where I didn’t have to work.
It felt great.

Takako’s birthday party was today. It was good hanging out with everyone.
Chatting. Eating. Chatting. Worshipping God. Watching Pat “Da Pimp Daddy”
go to work with the girls.
Watching Smallville. It was good.

Ate dinner with my family today. Brazillian BBQ. Pretty good. Lots and
lots of meat. I ate a lot of food today. Party for lunch. All you can
eat meat for dinner. I love eating dinner with my family. It’s not too
often anymore where I can eat dinner with both my parents and brother at
the same time. I guess that’s part of growing up. I don’t think this is
going to happen any more frequently. I miss those times where we all were
together, sitting around, eating, talking. I guess I’m just getting too
old now.

Man. I’m reading over this and it seems pretty incoherent. And I can’t
take pictures. Oh well. I’m tired and I have to work tomorrow. Time to

Dang man. I don’t know what to do. I got a corrupted movie file on my hard drive.
I can’t delete it. Every time I try to delete it, it’ll error out and hang my system.
Whew boy. Now that’s one mean file. I don’t know what to do. *Sigh* Why can’t
computers cooperate? I blame this on Windows. Stupid Windows. I first thought
my firewire drive was messed, cause it was erroring out there. And then I copied
it over to my hard drive and now it’s totally jack. Stupid Windows.

I got a new idea for a web page. Maybe I’ll get it done by the end of the year.


Great game tonight. I love watching the Lakers lose. Jeff’s finally building
up the faith that I have. The Lakers can be beat.

This is why I said the Kings had a better chance than the Mavs to beat the
Lakers. Their performance speaks for itself.

Looks like the Kings have a chance to beat the Lakers. They just need to
close it out now. Sunday baby. Sunday. Go Kings!!!

Work Work Work.

So I got to see Episode II last night at Mann’s Chinese. I really like that
theater. I want to go watch Episode III opening night there. I don’t think
Jeff and Eric will be up to it though. It’s alright. Still another 3 years
to go.

Yvonne and Jenn talked on opening night about how skimpy Natalie Portman was
dressed in that movie. I noticed it the first time a bit, but I didn’t really
think much of it. And after watching it again. There’s even less skin than
I had originally thought. That’s nothing. So they show her belly a bit.
Nothing! For the most part she was covered up. Oh well.

Sweet!!!! The Mole 2 is coming back on the air. Next Tuesday, 8pm. It’s
about time they started showing this again. I’ve been waiting long enough.
And now on Tuesday. ABC got smart and took it off of Fridays. Good. I’ll
have something to watch Tuesdays at 8.