Well, Oscars are a week away, so it’s time to make my annual predictions.

Best Actor:
Denzel Washington.
There seems to be a 2-way race between Russell Crowe and Denzel.
I don’t like Russell Crowe, so I guess this makes sense. Plus
Russell Crowe won undeservingly last year for his average performance
in an average movie called Gladiator. So he has no right to win
this year.
Best Actress:
Sissy Spacek
I haven’t seen any of these movies these girls were nominated for.
But you can’t go wrong with Sissy Spacke. Oscars love comebacks.
Best Supporting Actor:
Ian McKellan
I’m really not sure about this one. I would go with him or Ben
Kingsley, but I have no idea. Can the academy really vote for
a fantasy movie? It’s not like is performance stood out for me.
I guess it’s just a guess.
Best Supporting Actress:
Jennifer Connelly
She’s a cheater. She has the leading role, but nominated for a
supporting role. How can you compete with that?
Best Original Screenplay:
I don’t know about this. I hear Memento is a good film, but I’m
not sure it’ll win. My second choice would be Gosford Park.
Haven’t seen that film either. Thing about Memento is that it
didn’t get much support from any other category, so that can’t help
it in this one.
Best Adapted Screenplay:
A Beautiful Mind:
The movie was alright. I just don’t think the other movies have
much of a chance. Maybe Lord of the Rings, but I don’t think so.
Best Director:
Peter Jackson
Tightest race of the night. Ron Howard has a good chance of
winning since he’s pretty much has never been nominated. But then
again it is his first nomination, so that’s no good. Robert Altman.
The academy loves this fool. And he’s never won. So this might be
his night. But I’m hoping Peter Jackson wins because…
Best Picture:
Lord of the Rings
I DO NOT want A Beautiful Mind to win. I don’t like Russell Crowe.
I don’t like the inaccuracies of the story. I mean it’s a much
better movie than Gladiator, and I won’t be totally mad if it wins,
but I don’t want it to win. Go Lord of the Rings! Come on. 13
nominations. It HAS to win.