Sam asks, “is that what win xp looks like?”

I thought he asked what does win xp looks like, so I went taking screenshots
of my computer. Well here are some more, if you were curious.

Start Menu, Silver (png 266k)
Shot 2 (png 282k)

– Check out the bottom right where it says “9 Internet Explorer”
There are 9 browsers opened in the Internet Explorer group. Nice.
Shot 3 (png 275k)

– Here’s XP fading to black and white to change themes
Shot 4 (png 426k)

– Here’s XP in the default blue
Shot 5 (png 514k)

– (And for Sam) Here’s Kellie Martin in Olive Green theme
Shot 6 (png 359k)

Now I don’t know which colored theme to use. I think I’ll try the Olive
Green one out.

And here’s a link for Jeff

January 15, Jeff.