Sam asks, “is that what win xp looks like?”

I thought he asked what does win xp looks like, so I went taking screenshots
of my computer. Well here are some more, if you were curious.

Start Menu, Silver (png 266k)
Shot 2 (png 282k)

– Check out the bottom right where it says “9 Internet Explorer”
There are 9 browsers opened in the Internet Explorer group. Nice.
Shot 3 (png 275k)

– Here’s XP fading to black and white to change themes
Shot 4 (png 426k)

– Here’s XP in the default blue
Shot 5 (png 514k)

– (And for Sam) Here’s Kellie Martin in Olive Green theme
Shot 6 (png 359k)

Now I don’t know which colored theme to use. I think I’ll try the Olive
Green one out.

And here’s a link for Jeff

January 15, Jeff.

These people must have read the question wrong. I don’t see how it’s
possible he could get so many yes votes.

vote.png (png 48k)

So I just finished watching the season finale of ER on syndication. They
just finished up season 5, and hopefully they’ll continue onto season 6.
I don’t want them to go jumping around like they did last time when they
went from 2 to 5. That really sucked cause I was really getting into the
storyline then. And then I had to get into this season’s storyline. But
this time it would be even worse if they jumped out of order! Not only
would it mess up the whole storyline, but I wouldn’t be able to watch
Kellie Martin anymore! Hopefully they don’t make that mistake. And things
were just getting interesting with Green and Corday. So they better be
showing season 6 staring Saturday! They better!!!

While I’m on TV shows, Alias is also getting interesting. I think Alias
is probably the show I look most forward to every week now. It’s just so
addictive. And now it looks like they found their mole. And there’s a
hit on a Bristow. But is it Sydney? Is it Jack? I don’t know!!! What
happens to Dixon? Oh man!

Dang it! I just read the description to next week’s episode and I found
answers already. Stupid TV Guide.

But anyways, Alias is still looking good. I’m looking forward to it.

AND Tomorrow! Part 1 of the 2 part finale of the Amazing Race. This show
has been better than Survivor. I don’t know why it hasn’t been getting
better ratings.

AND Yay! Maybe TV Guide isn’t so stupid. I just found out that they’re
starting season 6 in ER this Saturday. Yay!

Hmm… I’m going to have to figure out when I can watch ER when I move
back to LA. I can’t miss it!

I love TV.


[email protected] just went bankrupt and now I have to use dial-up. I don’t know
how many times I can say dial-up sucks, but I’ll have to say it again.

Dial-up sucks.

So I told Jenn that I’d write about my plans to be a wedding planner. So
hopefully I can remember everything now. After you read this, everybody
will be asking me to plan their weddings.

The Goal: Rose Bowl

So I was looking up prices on this party thingy store. You could rent chairs
and tables and dishes and plates and whatnot from this store. Expensive
stuff. I was trying to convince Jeff he needed to have 2000 people at his
wedding. And if he did I’d give him a hundred bucks. And then Jeff gave me
the idea of charging people to come the wedding. *ding* Hmm….

Why can’t we make a profit during this wedding?

I figure we start off small for the first wedding. Aim for 5000 people. I
figure I can charge 50 bucks per person at the banquet. 5000 people.
50 bucks a pop. That’s 250 grand income right there. I figure if they’re
going to pay to come, it’s going to have to be a grand ol’ party. And it
will be. So you bring in 250 grand. Let’s say the wedding/banquet cost
100 grand. 150 grand in profit right there. I take my share 25% and the
rest goes to Jeff and Jenn (assuming she wants to get in on this cash cow).

But that’s just the beginning. Now here’s the trick. You say, “oh this is
only a one time thing.” WRONG! This is going to be a money maker. Next
year, why don’t renew the vows? Another party, only bigger and better than
the last. The second year we’ll get 10000 people. And then the year after
that 15000. Pretty soon, we’ll be renting out Edison Field, the Big Ed, to
host the party. It’s going to be THE event of the year:

“Jeff Su’s Wedding”

The goal: Rose Bowl

100,000 capacity. 100 bucks per person. That’s 10 mil right there, and
we’re not even counting the merchandise. We got t-shirts. We got mugs.
We got autographed pictures. We got the new CD, “Jeff Su’s Wedding: The
Album.” We’ll be selling the Jeff Su Wedding DVD. Jeff Su’s Wedding:
the Video Game.

And after that, it’s over. The final event for Jeff.

Now I know you all want me to plan your weddings for you, but I only work
with Jeff. I can’t undermine THE event of the year by making another grand
event. You’ll just have to wait until after the Rose Bowl. And then
I’ll start all over again. This is going to be sweet.