I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I love television.
The greatest invention ever. Better than computers. Better than
video games. Better than air conditioning.

I just finished watching over five hours of shows on tape. It’s
been a while since I last saw Alias, but I know why I love that
show. I also know why I love Law and Order and ER too. And
then there’s Everybody Loves Raymond. And I love each show for
different reasons. And I haven’t even mentioned the Amazing Race
or Survivor yet.

Alias is now getting real interesting. Apparently on the 11th
episode, we’re going to find out something big about Sydney’s mom.
As J.J. Abrams says in EW, “There’s a big secret about the mother,
about bad things she did… That’s the emotional nuclear bomb of
the season, and we’ve set it to go off around the 11th episode of
the series.”

Oh yeah! We just got done with number 6. 5 more to go.

So okay, maybe television isn’t better than computers. But if it’s
not on par, it’s close.

“It’s all Obi-Wan’s fault. He’s holding me back!”

“You’re not all-powerful, Ani.”
“Well I should be. Someday I will be the most powerful Jedi ever.”

May 2002.

I will be mad if I die before then.

NO. I will be pissed if I die before then.

ER is like crack.

I can’t stop watching it.

I guess a lot of things are like crack.

Starcraft, Counterstrike, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Civilization….

The list goes on and on.


Nancy and Emily got booted off the Amazing Race.

If they had only taken that bus.

If they had ONLY taken that bus…


It’s nice to have new guitar strings on.

Note to self: Don’t stretch the strings too much!

Xbox comes out tomorrow.

I thought this paragraph on Jacque Vaughn from ESPN was hilarious:

Hurray for Jacque Vaughn! We’re not gonna make him our player of the day, but
the little Hawks guard hit a shot. Finally! The big moment came early in the
second half on a layup, after Vaughn had already missed a shot in the first
half, making him an incredible 0-for-23 for the season. Jacque ended up 1-for-
5, raising his season shooting percentage from a big goose egg to a startling
3.7 percent.

Wow. Taxi is on at 1:30 now. I haven’t seen that show in years.
It’s good to get back to the classics.