The poll is funny. Well funny to me in my circumstance.

The poll asks “Will the terror threat curtail your Halloween activities?”

Well, when your plans are to sit at home watching TV and playing Civ 3, there’s
not much that can curtail those activities.

I am now in the possession of the second sequel to the greatest game ever made.

ER is a pretty good show. I don’t watch the new episodes, but I like watching
the old ones on syndication. I just seem to like the characters more on the
older shows.

I watched another 2 hours on tape today. Watched 2 hours yesterday. Got
another 3 hours to go.

This last episode was pretty good, but I felt kind of ripped off. Kellie
Martin was only in this episode for like 20 seconds. Come on now!

Civ 3 comes out today. Yay!

Tomorrow is the day that my Bucks begin their road to the NBA Championship.


It’s been a long while since I’ve had days like this one.

de_dust0001.jpg (87k)

Be warned.

Smurfette is back in the house. Those who terrorize the Smurf Village shall
be severely punished.

Mase is officially on the team now. Some much needed help down low.

Can we all say “NBA Championship?”

Alias is a great show. I’ve never been this pumped up about a show since
I first started watching Law and Order.

Other than being simply bad-ass, here are a few other reasons why I like
this show.

1. Image 1 (png 72k)
2. Image 2 (png 100k)
3. Image 3 (png 92k)

But man. I don’t like that Will dude. Something seems very sketchy
with him. But I don’t see Sydney hooking up with him. Good! I hope
she hooks Agent Vaughn. Or just stay single. But yeah. Stay away
from that Will dude. I don’t like him.

I need Yvonne so I can have someone to talk to about this.

See what happens when you don’t watch TV people. Good shows like the Mole
get pulled.

Stupid ABC.

I have no idea how they decided that it would be a good idea to put the Mole on
Fridays where of course it’s going to get poor ratings. Now I’m stuck with
a recording of America’s Funniest Home Videos, which happen to be not funny.

People. Watch TV when I tell you. This is what happens. Good shows go away.
Bad ones take their place.

And ABC execs! What are you thinking?!? Putting the Mole on Friday nights!
Get it back where it belongs on Tuesdays!

This is my current Winamp skin.

I think this is one of the best skins that I have had. The picture is real nice.
And the look is very clean. I like that.

Stupid Episode I. Make me go look up Natalie Portman.

I hate team Guido!

Go Kevin and Drew!

Go Nancy and Emily!