No reason to boycott the Mole. They got Asian representation on this
show. Going to have to boycott Survivor. No Asian representation at
all in the first 3 Survivors. What’s up with that?

I’m watching 50 Years of Late Night on NBC.

I have no idea why Jay Leno gets higher ratings than Dave. Dave is by
far funny and by far more entertaining.

Two words: Jay Fiedler

Today has been a pretty good day of football. Watched the end of the Dolphins’
game. That was a great finish. I saw the Rams beat the Niners. Tomorrow
the Packers are playing. Man, it’s a good week for football.

Poor Raider fans.

Come on Sam. It ain’t you fault that your team isn’t good enough. It’s not
your fault your team can only be second best. But hey. Your guys were close.
Only lost by 3 points. Hopefully your team can bounce back from this lost.
You should have expected a loss this week. You can’t beat every good team.

I don’t get it.

Every time someone calls here with a wrong number, they don’t speak English.

Or they don’t speak English well => I can’t understand them, which is just as bad as not speaking English.

I don’t get it.

Lisa: Maybe we should write her another letter. One that says goodbye, but lets her fell loved.
Homer: Step aside everyone! Sensitive love letters are my specialty.
(Rips off a paper and starts writing)
Homer: Dear Baby, Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: you.