Cheap car. The rear-view mirror on my Explorer just fell off. While parked…
Eh… Cheap Ford.

Partial capos are the bomb. I’m loving it. I think it’s time to buy a new capo.

My favorite episode of Everybody Loves Raymond is on right now.

I love this show. It’s on for 2 hours tonight. Yay!

The BBS seems to be all ready. It seem to work best with IE 5.01, not 5.5.
The new ticker doesn’t work in IE 5.5, but it works in IE 5.01. Something
just ain’t right about that. Oh well. It’s working and it’s cool.

David Letterman is pretty funny. Watch some of his clips on Dave TV.
Dave and Steve’s Gay Vacation is pretty funny. A lot of them are very funny.

Oh yeah. It’s Yvonne’s birthday today. Happy Birthday!

How much are you worth?

Apparently I’m not worth that much. I’m only worth $1,999,440.00.

I took the IQ test at and well like all online IQ tests, I got a
score that’s way too high. Scored a 155 on this one. Within 5 points of
professional tests, my ass. Of course, I think this has been my lowest score
on any online IQ test, so it actually might be getting better.

So I boosted my IQ at and well my value went up 400k.
Stupid IQ test

Well. My streak is over now. It’s been well over a year since I’ve been sick.
I guess all streaks have to end sometime. Of course it’s got to come in a big

I hate being sick.