Wow. It’s been a long time since I last updated my page. I’ve been a little
preoccupied with video games among other things.

For some reason I did a search for my name in google, and came upon my fan
page. Well, it seems like Sam has joined the fan club. I like his first
posting on the page.

So Jagged Alliance is a pretty good game. It’s too bad that Jagged Alliance
2 : Unfinished Business wouldn’t run in Win 2k. I bought the game almost
two months ago, so I figure I should start playing it. So I removed Win 2k
and installed Win 98. Damn man. Windows sucks! I can’t believe how crappy
an OS Windows is. I thought Win 2k was bad. Win 98 is completely horrible.
But as long as I’m still playing Jagged Alliance, I’m going to have to keep
this crappy OS.

Since I’m talking about OS’s, I was playing around with BeOS again today.
Now that’s a clean OS. I finally ordered the upgrade for BeOS. I’m
thinking that’s going to be my primary OS now. Win 98 just sucks. Win 2k
sucks too, and it takes 10 minutes to boot. Linux is cool, but it ain’t got
the clean GUI that Be has. And now Be finally has a decent browser I can use,
I can finally make it my primary OS. That’s if I can get the net working.

I also need a new computer.

Eric’s been trying to get me away from Windows. That Mac is nice. OS X
is nice. I hate Windows. I like Macs. But I love video games.

I was watching Dateline tonight, and they were doing this special on sex.
They talked about this one dude who was addicted to online porn and how
he spent half his day looking up porn, even though he had a wife and 3
kids. Video games are like that for me. Is there any other reason why
I’d be up at 3:40 in the morning?

But if you played Jagged Alliance, you’d know what I mean.