I found another NBA baller that ruptured his Achilles.

LaPhonso Ellis. Was on his way to becoming a superstar until he ruptured
his Achilles. Damn weak ass tendon.

Well. My first entry with Mason installed. Mason kicks ass

Today’s fortune:
“You are center of every group’s attention.”


Stupid cookie.

Mason is cool.

The next update will have a few changes to my website, mostly internal. =)

Stupid Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

How is it possible that Law and Order only gets nominated for 4 Emmys. And
how does a stupid show like Ally McBeal still get 7 nominations? MADtv got 5
nominations. MADtv???? Puh-lease. That’s ridiculous. Saturday Night Live
another 5 nominations. Give me a break. Those people must be getting
stupider as the years go by. I can’t stand this extremely liberal Academy.
There’s a reason why the West Wing and Will & Grace won last year. They’ll
probably win again this year.

I really hope Everybody Loves Raymond wins this year. I think that’s easily
the best comedy series by far. If not Everybody Loves Raymond, Malcolm in
the Middle, the two best written and most consistently funny comedies.

I had a strange dream last night. It involved games, guns, and the Simpsons.

Setting: Inside a place that looks like a warehouse but much smaller.

We are having another LAN party inside this warehouse. (Actually, I
don’t remember any of people in my dream except at the end, so this
could have been just a LAN party with random people.) So we’re
playing some Starcraft, and these two girls are trying to play too,
but they can’t get it started up. So rather than helping them, we
continue playing. Eventually we end up taking a break, and I go check
out the two girls computers. As I get to their computer, the game
starts working. So everybody gets back to their computer and hits a
few keys on the keyboard to start the game. All y’all nerds.
Everybody had a shortcut key to the game, even the girls. So I walk
around a bit looking at everybody’s screen. Now people were playing
multiplayer Jagged Alliance, even though that game doesn’t exist yet.
So as I continue to walk around, the area starts to transform. The
warehouse changes into a house, the computers disappear, and the
number of people get cut to 10 or so, as opposed to 20. (I might have
woken up and fallen back to sleep at this point, but I don’t
remember. My dreams jump around a lot, so this could just be one of
those jumps.)

This new house was a random house. Doorways, rooms, and stairs would
appear if I needed them. So I find this gun closet in the house.
This wasn’t an ordinary gun closet. You didn’t have to open the door
and choose a gun. You just walk near it, and a gun would pop up in
your hands. So everybody has a machine gun in their hands now.
Apparently everybody was thinking the same thing cause we all started
shooting at each other at the same time. I got a few people before I
ran out of ammo. So I drop my gun, run to the gun closet and get a
new machine gun. Bullets hitting the wall, flying by my ears. I get
my gun and run down hallway to the set of stairs in the back. I go up
the stairs and hide in a room. I realize now that my whole team is
gone, and I’m all alone against the three that’s left. I hide in this
room waiting for them. I see the three of them coming up the main
stairs, and now they have faces. Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, and
Becky the usurper. When they hit the top of the stairs, they walk
away from my room into another room. I stealthily move over to the
stairs to get a good shot on them. The three of them are lined up,
and I got my sights on Becky’s back. I pull the trigger. Nothing
happens. So I decide to make my own machine gun noises. “ch ch ch ch
ch ch” They turn around. I stand up and yell, “I got you!” She
yells back, “No you didn’t!” So I run back down the stairs.

Now the house has changed again. It’s Eric Lui’s San Dimas house. At
the bottom of the stairs I make a left through the living room, past
the dining room, and pick up a pistol lying on the table in the
kitchen. I run into the family room where I see Bart. I pull the
trigger. *click* Homer is now down the stairs, so I grab Bart and put
the empty gun to his head. Bart yells, “IT’S EMPTY!” So Homer runs
back up the stairs and Becky is straight ahead pointing her machine
gun at me. I drop my gun. Knowing there’s another gun in one of the
room upstairs, I follow Homer up the stairs. As I run up the stairs
Becky and Bart are shooting at me. Homer takes a right at the top of
the stairs. I go left. As I almost get to the room, Homer grabs me
by the pants and shoots.

I turn around, and say, “You got me good, Homer.”

We go back down the stairs to where Becky and Bart are. I say, “we
should have played with water guns. That would have been better.” So
I pick up the empty pistol that I had thrown on the floor earlier, and
squirt my brother with it.

The phone rings. End of dream.

Wow. It’s been a long time since I last updated my page. I’ve been a little
preoccupied with video games among other things.

For some reason I did a search for my name in google, and came upon my fan
page. Well, it seems like Sam has joined the fan club. I like his first
posting on the page.


So Jagged Alliance is a pretty good game. It’s too bad that Jagged Alliance
2 : Unfinished Business wouldn’t run in Win 2k. I bought the game almost
two months ago, so I figure I should start playing it. So I removed Win 2k
and installed Win 98. Damn man. Windows sucks! I can’t believe how crappy
an OS Windows is. I thought Win 2k was bad. Win 98 is completely horrible.
But as long as I’m still playing Jagged Alliance, I’m going to have to keep
this crappy OS.


Since I’m talking about OS’s, I was playing around with BeOS again today.
Now that’s a clean OS. I finally ordered the upgrade for BeOS. I’m
thinking that’s going to be my primary OS now. Win 98 just sucks. Win 2k
sucks too, and it takes 10 minutes to boot. Linux is cool, but it ain’t got
the clean GUI that Be has. And now Be finally has a decent browser I can use,
I can finally make it my primary OS. That’s if I can get the net working.


I also need a new computer.


Eric’s been trying to get me away from Windows. That Mac is nice. OS X
is nice. I hate Windows. I like Macs. But I love video games.

I was watching Dateline tonight, and they were doing this special on sex.
They talked about this one dude who was addicted to online porn and how
he spent half his day looking up porn, even though he had a wife and 3
kids. Video games are like that for me. Is there any other reason why
I’d be up at 3:40 in the morning?

But if you played Jagged Alliance, you’d know what I mean.