Counter-Strike is a fun game.

So I found out how to display the frame rates on in that game. So if you
don’t know, 30 frames per second (fps) is the ideal, cause anything above
that we don’t notice. So I wonder how my computer was frame rate wise.
Dang. I turned frame rate display. Average is about 7 fps. 7 fps!!!
That’s crazy man. No wonder I can’t get much better. I played on Hank’s
computer, and he only gets about 11 fps. Of course that’s still 50 percent
better than my computer. I was playing much better on his computer.

cs_italy0003.png (78k)

cs_italy0006.jpg (69k)

The T’s were 24-1 before I joined the CT’s. Yeah. I had a much better
ping time, but I was killing them Totoros too! Damn those Totoros!