Well, it looks like I predicted correctly who was going to win. On 3-15
I picked Tina to win. Wow.

I had no clue that Tina and Colby were allianced together. I had always
thought it was Tina and Keith that were closer together. Fooled me good.
Totally surprised me when Colby voted Keith.

Wow. Napster’s filtering is really bad. So Napster has “implemented
a range of filters designed to remove from the Napster service all
copyrighted works for which we have received notice. We have recently
enhanced those filters in an effort to screen out the wide range of
variations in artist name and song title that result in noticed works
continuing to appear on the Napster index.” Right.

So apparently Petula Clark is supposedly being filtered out. But just
search petula and well, plenty of songs show up. Nice work Napster.

No wonder the judge is getting pissed off.