So Pearl Harbor wasn’t a great movie at all. In fact it’s a pretty boring
movie. A movie that could have easily cut an hour out of it. This movie
is named Pearl Harbor, right? So why does it take an hour and half to get
to the action scenes?

Of course there are certain movies that must be watched. This is one of
them, even though I didn’t expect a great movie. So I say people should
go watch this movie, even though it’s not good. I’d say go watch Shrek
if you could only watch one movie.

So Jeff said we should make a movie site. Ratings and reviews. Alright.
From a scale from 1 to 10

Pearl Harbor 5
Shrek 9

Want to watch a good movie? Want to save an hour and a half of your time.
Go watch Shrek.

Well, I’m going to watch Pearl Harbor tonight. I never had high expectations
to begin with, but after reading more reviews, my expectations continue to
drop. It got 23 percent fresh at That’s pretty bad. To
compare, Tomcats got 16 percent. So if the movie is just a little bit
entertaining, I’ll be satisfied. Of course at 3 hours and 3 minutes, I’ll
probably find it more boring than entertaining. That would be a shame.

Normal, eh?

“I’m not a climbing nut, I’m a normal nut.”

– Yvonne

Whew! I can’t type.

So I went rock climbing today with Yvonne. That’s indoor rock climbing.
I was just thinking about it and it was really fun. But man are my arms
tired! I can’t do anything them now. They’re so fatigued. I can barely
open my car door. I can’t open my house door. It’s hard changing out of
my clothes. I barely have enough strength to type! There are other
things too. Can’t open soda can. Hard to change channels on the remote.
Can’t release my parking brake. Can’t do many things.

But I’d go again. I just need to lose some weight.

Alright. Time to go to sleep.

From Monday’s Around the Rim: =)

I’m tired of hearing that the championship will automatically go to
the team that wins the West. Despite a weak performance in Game 3 of
round 2, the Bucks have still proven that they can play excellent
defense, and don’t forget, they were undefeated against the Spurs and
Lakers. The simple fact is, the Spurs are weakened without Anderson
and with the exception of Kobe, the Lakers are not a great team.

Bucks in 6 over Charlotte, in 5 over Toronto, and in 4 over L.A.

Jeremy Hess
Milwaukee, Wisc.

One down. One to go.

I’m soooooo tired.

Working on my paper!

I be footnote crazy man!