Man. Richard Roeper doesn’t like anything. But here are some good reviews
by Ebert, Roeper, and Siskel.

If you don’t listen to all of them, at least listen to the I Still Know What
You Did Last Summer review. That’s classic.

Review for Tomcats

See Spot Run

Saving Silverman

Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Battlefield Earth

Little Nicky


Jack Frost

Wild America


Spice World

Jungle 2 Jungle


The Best one I’ve heard: I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

After thinking about it some more. I think Tina is going to win.

Posted on the SFC BBS:

I think strategically it would have been better for Ogakor to vote off
Elisabeth, but it seems like her charm and personality go a long way.

I’m rooting for Rodger and Elisabeth like many other people, so this
is how I’d like things to go. Amber next week turns against her tribe
and votes with Kucha, voting either Keith or Colby out, both of whom I
think have four votes against them. And then two weeks from now, Kucha
+ Amber can vote out Keith/Colby, whoever is left, thus leaving the
final four to be Tina, Amber, Elisabeth and Rodger. Because of Tina’s
charm and personality, Elisabeth, Rodger and Tina vote Amber out. And
then Rodger and Elisabeth exercise their alliance and vote Tina out.
So either Rodger or Elisabeth win. Yay!

Of course, I’m not sure that will happen. I think strategically what
Amber did today wasn’t bad at all. She doesn’t need an extra Kucha
member around. Next week, Kucha + Amber still has the advantage over
the Big 3={Keith, Colby, Tina}. What Amber should do is vote with the
Kucha the next two weeks voting out Keith and Colby leaving Amber,
Tina, Elisabeth, and Rodger. And if Tina wants a chance to win the
money, she has to vote convince amber to vote Elisabeth or Rodger out
of there. They’re just too likeable. I think Elisabeth would get voted
off, cause she seems to be friends with everyone, and then the final 3
would be Amber, Tina and Rodger. Whew!

Of course Amber really doesn’t have a chance to win. She didn’t make
many friends by allying with the evil one, and she won’t make many
friends by backstabbing everyone. Oh well. I don’t want her to win

I don’t want to get too far ahead now. I’ll predict next week that
Amber will join the Kucha voters and get rid of Keith or Colby.

I watched the Bucks play for the first time in 3 years. It was a great game
We won by 30. Yay!

Well, my site is fully back. Hopefully.

Dial up is pretty slow.

Earthlink sales sucks. I’ve been on hold for an hour now.

ICQ chat with Vicky:

11:23 PM Vicky: hey chris… you back up north? or still here?

11:24 PM Linus: no. i’m back up north now. =( berkeley kind of sucks

11:25 PM Vicky: haha… i agree.. can’t lie… God forbids it.