So the band is beginning.

I was watching Showtime at the Apollo tonight and it sparked an idea in my
head. I should be up on that stage. I just happened to be chatting with
Sam at the time too, and he gave me some ideas. So we’ve done much planning
already. Hopefully we can get this together soon. I have right now me and
Sam in the band and Isaac is in as dance choreographer. Our band is going
to be diverse, so I need a white female to join us. And then we need about
8-10 good looking dancers. So we’re getting SFC girls.

What will we be performing? Worship songs of course, but not just any
worship song. Children’s worship songs. In Spanish of course. I got
two songs that I’m considering. “Pharaoh Pharaoh” and “Down in my Heart.”
We need more songs.

Originally it was just going to be me. But I figure I should get other
people involved too. Imagine this:

Spanish children worship songs sung by a Chinese guy to a black audience.

Awesome. Instant hit!

This is just the beginning. The Apollo will be rocking when we get up there.