Unfortunately, my DSL went down during my break. Fortunately, Eric and Jeff
are nice enough to host it on their server. Nice. The rest of the site
will be back up as soon as I get around to it.

So I had dinner at the Hilton in Universal City tonight. There’s this great
buffet there. Prime rib, Alaskan king crab legs, lobster, sushi, mash
potatoes, etc. I’d like to take my friends over there sometime. Of course
I do have this friend who is anti-buffet. But I won’t mention his/her name.
I’ll just call him/her Vonney Angw, or Von for short. So Von, for some
reason or another, says that [s]he won’t eat at buffets anymore. So there
has to be some way that I can trick into going there. This place is suppose
to be a fancy place, but it’s not like I dress up for it. So they’ll be no
way for Von to know. So one day I’ll ask Von, “let’s go eat.” And then the
plan is set. [S]he’ll ask where to eat, and I’ll just say, “oh… we’ll just
drive around.” For some reason I’ll just have to take the 210 west to
Hollywood and we’ll be there. And then BAM! [S]he’ll have to eat the food.
Nice plan, huh?

I hope “Von” reads this. You can’t stop me!