This is crap. Here’s an email I just received from Verio, Inc.

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 22:39:25 -0500
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
Subject: Urgent Letter regarding NorthPoint DSL Network.
Status: RO
X-UID: 1

Dear Customer:

Verio is committed to providing all of its customers the highest quality
services. Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that NorthPoint
Communications, a Verio DSL vendor, announced today that the complete shut
down of the NorthPoint network is imminent. Service interruptions will
occur as NorthPoint terminates network operations. To assist customers,
Verio is eager to work with you to establish alternative solutions that
meet your business needs. To that end, Verio will provide one free dial
account customer per customer for a 60 day period beginning March 23, 2001.
To discuss this situation directly with a Verio representative, who can
you assess the best alternative, please call 1-888-GET-VERIO.

Verio will make every effort to keep our customers informed with any
additional details.


Verio Management

More reasons why I like Jerry Stackhouse. I loved it when he socked
Reggie Miller a few years ago, but here’s part of the outtakes from his
interview with Dan Partick on

DP: What’s the music attached to your highlight reel?
JS: Anything by Method Man. Or Redman.
DP: Method Redman?
JS: Come on, Dan. You should know these artists.
DP: I do, I’m just kidding there. You know I’m down.

DP: Where have all the great nicknames gone?
JS: I don’t know. The Regulator: that’s my nickname that nobody really knows about. And I have my own nickname for Kobe nobody knows: Showboat.
DP: He may not like that.
JS: I never worry too much about that.

Damn straight. Kobe sucks. I have another nickname for Kobe. Hero Bryant.
Always trying to be the hero.

Woo hoo! I got my new guitar strings today. They sound much better than
my other strings. Plus I think I did a better job putting on the new
strings too. I think.

On another note. My roommate got a new Playstation game today. Dance
Dance Revolution. Or DDR as he calls it. I’m going to try to avoid
playing it for a while.