Who is the Mole? Find out tomorrow at 8:00pm on ABC.

I say it’s Jim.

This show is better than Survivor.

Sweet. There’s going to be another season.

What a day.

The day started out pretty bad. I was looking forward to actually getting to
class on time today, only to find out that I have a flat tire. Well damn.
Got to wake up Hank and go fix my tire. I wind up getting late to my class.
Well, actually missing it due to traffic. So as soon as I get to school I
had to leave.

Some of you my have noticed that my site has been down for a while. Well
that’s because Verio’s routers once again kicked me off the network. And
again I had to call back in. Apparently their mountain view router is
having problems kicking people. I had such high hopes for Verio. Now in
less than 2 weeks, I’ve had downtimes of over 25 hours. That’s ridiculous.
Well the good thing is that I didn’t have to listen to the music again. I
was actually looking forward to the music, so I could record all of it. I
guess Verio ain’t that bad. I was on hold for only 2 seconds. I was going
to put Verio on my officially “Sucks” list, but it got out of it with good
tech support. Lucky them.

Well, back to Counter-Strike.