Amazing. 40 hours of downtime on my DSL. Apparently the network went down, and
nobody bother to put me back into the network.

It really sucks not having net connection for that long, but I don’t think that
was the worst part of it. The worst part was having to be on hold for 30. And
it wasn’t the waiting part that I didn’t like, but the fact that I had to listen
to that crappy ass music for 30 minutes. What kind of music, you ask? Two songs
on a loop. And not just any two songs, but two elevator type music songs. They
both sounded familiar. I just happened to record some of one song. Too bad the
tech dude came on before I could get the next song.

Imagine having to listen to this over and over again.

And I know I’ve heard that other song before. It’s straight out of Ultima.
Inside Lord Britain’s castle, you hear that crappy music. That’s it.