I have some pretty controversial things to say in IDS 130. Good thing I don’t
talk much. Here’s an excerpt from my homework. I’m responding to economic
sanctions against other countries:

Of course I don’t know too many alternatives to economic sanctions. I
just say we go out and nuke all the fools. That’ll teach them. We
might as well. If innocent people are dying anyways, we might as well
just nuke ’em. We got to use our stealth bombers for something. Or
we could just go with direct warfare and send in some marines and
bombers to bring them to their knees. But because of the peaceniks
from the 60’s, this country now has this anti-war feeling. Boo!!!

Lisa: Mom, everybody hates the p&#246pil kids. Even I do. I just hate them so much.

Who is the Mole? Find out tomorrow at 8:00pm on ABC.

I say it’s Jim.

This show is better than Survivor.

Sweet. There’s going to be another season.

What a day.

The day started out pretty bad. I was looking forward to actually getting to
class on time today, only to find out that I have a flat tire. Well damn.
Got to wake up Hank and go fix my tire. I wind up getting late to my class.
Well, actually missing it due to traffic. So as soon as I get to school I
had to leave.

Some of you my have noticed that my site has been down for a while. Well
that’s because Verio’s routers once again kicked me off the network. And
again I had to call back in. Apparently their mountain view router is
having problems kicking people. I had such high hopes for Verio. Now in
less than 2 weeks, I’ve had downtimes of over 25 hours. That’s ridiculous.
Well the good thing is that I didn’t have to listen to the music again. I
was actually looking forward to the music, so I could record all of it. I
guess Verio ain’t that bad. I was on hold for only 2 seconds. I was going
to put Verio on my officially “Sucks” list, but it got out of it with good
tech support. Lucky them.

Well, back to Counter-Strike.

I got a lot of Counter-Strike in today. Someone accused me of cheating too.
That felt pretty good.

Conversation from people on my Counter-Strike server:

J : come here
J : i’m gonna place the bomb now…after i do, come close to it and click it and hold
J : is it working?
P : no
J : RUN!!!

If you want to play on my Counter-Strike server, you should probably download
these maps


I just got my Counter-Strike server setup yesterday. I had seven people on my
server at one time. Awesome. Of course there’s this problem where I’m
dropping clients every time it switches maps. Weird. I don’t know what the
problem is.

Oh. If you want to play. IP:

Hopefully my connection will be able to handle it.

Amazing. 40 hours of downtime on my DSL. Apparently the network went down, and
nobody bother to put me back into the network.

It really sucks not having net connection for that long, but I don’t think that
was the worst part of it. The worst part was having to be on hold for 30. And
it wasn’t the waiting part that I didn’t like, but the fact that I had to listen
to that crappy ass music for 30 minutes. What kind of music, you ask? Two songs
on a loop. And not just any two songs, but two elevator type music songs. They
both sounded familiar. I just happened to record some of one song. Too bad the
tech dude came on before I could get the next song.

Imagine having to listen to this over and over again.

And I know I’ve heard that other song before. It’s straight out of Ultima.
Inside Lord Britain’s castle, you hear that crappy music. That’s it.